Recreational Pot Sales Double in Maine

Recreational Pot Sales Double in Maine

Adult-use cannabis sales surged last year in Maine, nearly doubling the 2021 total.

local news outlets masthead main, Citing data released by the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy, “state licensed adult-use retailers reported approximately 2.5 million sales transactions totaling $158.9 million.” I am reporting. [in 2022]This was up from $82 million in sales last year.

“[Growth]reflects the significant economic impact legal cannabis continues to have on communities that have opted for the system,” said John Hudak, director of the state’s Office of Cannabis Policy. . As quoted by masthead main“The system has a positive economic impact on businesses that create jobs, help revitalize communities and help industries function.”

Maine voters approved a proposal to legalize adult recreational cannabis use in 2016, but it took years for the law to finally become a reality.

That’s because former Maine Governor Paul LePage, a Republican, has repeatedly obstructed the enforcement of the law.

But voters there elected a new governor in 2018, Democrat Janet Mills, who quickly backed the will of the people and set to work enacting and enforcing new marijuana laws.

In the summer of 2019, Mills signed into law legislation to make changes to the new cannabis law.

“Over the past few months, my Administration has worked swiftly to enforce Maine’s adult recreational marijuana market law, just as Maine voters asked the state two-and-a-half years ago. .” Mills then said. “Rulemaking shows what can be achieved when state governments work with legislators, industry stakeholders, and the public to achieve common goals. We are one step closer to respecting the will of the state’s voters.”

The governor’s office said at the time that the bill Mills signed into law “made some changes.” [marijuana law] Amendments to Maine food laws to ensure that food manufactured using recreational marijuana is no longer considered adulterated, allowing certain vendors to enter areas restricted to licensees, and allowing the department to including permitting Licensee to impose an administrative hold; Authorize both the Marijuana Policy Office and the state’s Office of Executive and Financial Services to “complete final adoption of adult use rulemaking.”

“The OMP consulted with seven different state agencies, consisting of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; the Department of Health and Human Services; the Department of Labor; the Department of Public Safety; the Environmental Protection Agency; Then, Mills’ office was then“The Secretariat also worked closely with the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Secretary of State, and Congress’ Office of Policy and Legal Analysis.”

Almost four years after voters approved the legalization ballot measure, legal adult-use cannabis sales officially began in Maine in October 2020.

The months and years that followed have seen the fledgling marijuana industry grow and flourish.In May 2021, the state reported recreational pot sales topped $5 million. .

This is a modest number when compared to recent monthly sales totals. masthead main The state reports that it “set new records every month through August 2022, bringing in more than $17 million.”

Recreational marijuana sales totaled $15.2 million last month, according to the outlet, and 2022 sales “brought about $16 million in tax revenue to the state.”

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