Our magazine is available FREE throughout San Diego county, but if you can’t find one at your local dispensary or cannabis related business or live outside of San Diego County then we offer you a 1 year subscription for $48 and a 6 month subscription for $24 which pays for shipping and handling.

To ensure your copy every month, because they are free they fly off the racks.

Do I need a Pay Pal account to make a payment?

NO! Although we use Pay Pal to accept payments, you do not need to make an

account, you can use a debit or credit card to make a payment through Pay Pal.

When Continuing with payment select ‘Dont Have Pay Pal Account?’ Continue.

Are My Payments Secure?

Absolutely, the reason we use Pay Pal to accept payments is because of the

security and ease we want our readers to feel. We do know the concerns

many people have using their credit cards over the internet, so we use Pay Pal

to ensure secure transactions.

When should I expect my first issue?

We release a new magazine at the beginning of every month, so depending on

when you placed your order, will determine which month you will start on. Please

allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Any questions you may have before placing your

order email info@nugmag.com


We are confident that you will receive every magazine on time and will be very

satisfied with each issue, but for some reason if you need to be refunded for

not receiving certain copies please contact us at info@nugmag.com

Why is it so darn expensive to subscribe!?

Yes we know it is more expensive than it is to subscribe to a magazine that you actually pay for

but because our magazine is FREE our main focus of distribution is delivering it out on the streets,

so that the general public can pick up the Magazine. We are not making a profit off of your

subscriptions this fee covers cost for shipping and handling. We hope you understand and

continue the amazing support we have been recieving!

Note: Any insufficient charges by your financial institution is your responsibility

we are not responsible and will not refund charges that your bank charges you

for insufficient funds. Allow 3-4 weeks for all Refunds to process.

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