JULY 2009
“Since our first ad in Nug Magazine we have been made known all over San Diego and our client base has increased as well. We have tried many other types of advertising and nothing works as well as Nug Magazine. We will continue to advertise in Nug Magazine as long as we are in business and they keep their great clients and readers of the magazine. Thanks Nug!

IGS Hydro

JULY 2009
The content is a refreshing change from the ‘copy and paste’ BS I see in a lot of these publications….“- OD MEDIA / OAKSTERDAM

MARCH 2010
Dear Nug Magazine,Thank you so much for all the business you send my way. Every month I know when the Nug hits the stands, that is when the phone starts to ring. I cannot say enough about the quality publication you run. I enjoy the articles, local coverage of cannabis related trials, activism, and happenings, and I am a big fan of the cooking with cannabis section. I even enjoy reading all the ads, as I never thought I would see the day when we had this freedom to be medicated. I will continue to advertise with you, support you and read the fine magazine you publish for us all. Thank you!Cheers,
Nicole Scott
“-Legal Cannabis Institute

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“Yeah. In Amsterdam, met some ppl from California, and all knew your amazing magazine!”
-Maurizio B. via Facebook

FEB 2011
Dear Nug Magazine,

Thank you for the mention of our company. We appreciate the care you are giving us on our companies behalf. It is a comforting feeling to know you are being taken care of. Jimbos is ready for a long term partnership with NUG magazine.

Have a great day
Jim and Tracy Baugh
Jimbos Plumbing

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