The Dr. Dabber Switch: a New Semi-portable Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Switch: a New Semi-portable Vaporizer

We are always looking for the most innovative products in the cannabis sector, and this is making waves with its entry!

Dr. Dabber Switch: Portable vaporizer for tapping

you Cannabis vaporizer Are you an enthusiast looking for something entirely new with the next level of performance? I had the opportunity to actually spend my personal time with Dr. Dabber Switch, which has its own induction heating process. This is not only another vaporizer, but a whole new concept for sucking concentrates and dried herbs.

Dr. Dabber’s engineers go back to the blueprints to create something truly unique, and are faster because they heat from the inside to the outside, unlike traditional convection and conduction systems that heat from the outside to the inside. We have developed a new heating technology that is efficient and efficient.


  • High speed induction heating
  • Smooth and consistent taste
  • 25 Calibrated thermal settings
  • Up to 150 cycles on a single charge
  • Residue burns out in self-cleaning mode
  • Completely leak-free
  • Pass-through charging
  • 2 year warranty

Dr. Dover Switch Technology

Unlike the convection and conduction systems we are accustomed to, the switch uses magnetic induction to heat a small ceramic induction cup containing a concentrate of dried herbs almost instantly and accurately. The heating time from standby is only 5 seconds before it is fully usable. The method of inducing heating allows for very accurate temperature setting, which allows the user to dial the optimum temperature for the material they suck. Dial in to experience the incredible flavors and aromas produced at low temperatures. At high temperatures, a large amount of delicious vapor clouds are produced.

This unique product does not stop providing a great user experience there. Adding a glass water bubbler will further enhance the flavor and allow the vapor to cool completely before being inhaled. But wait for it to get better. The switch is paid, so you can easily move it where you need it in your house. It holds a better charge than any other unit I have tested before. I’ve used Switch 3-6 sessions for a week and haven’t run out of charge.

Product quality of Dr. Dabber switch

The moment you open the high quality storage box and expose the switch to all glory, the quality of the build is outstanding. You will be impressed soon. The unit is made of high quality material and uses the tactile surface to create beautiful products like buying Apple products.

Easily assembling a switch with a glass bubbler reveals that you’re dealing with something very different that you’ve never experienced before.

The frosted glass guidance area at the top of the unit is not only functional, but also shines beautifully with a variety of soft LED lights that add an atmosphere to the arc experience.

Is Dr. Dabber Switch Dedicated to Cannabis Concentrates?

The switch has two modes of operation: oil or dry herbs. If you are smoking concentrates or dried herbs, you can simply flick the switch to power on the unit. This sets the unit to the correct operating temperature for the consumables. In oil mode, the switch makes it easy to replace electric nails and dublig that you find intimidating and unsafe. Because of the intimidating rig and open flame, I just touched the concentrate. Switch changes everything by creating the perfect user-friendly focused experience.

When I first launched Switch on oil mode and tried a little bit of crushing the Death Bubba OG, I quickly wrecked it, but stupidly recorded another blockbuster because I wasn’t used to concentration. At that time, mysteriously, 20 minutes disappeared, and I was absorbed in staring at the beautiful light show created by Switch. With just two good hits on the switch I was on track, I would have to say higher than before. The hits were savory and smooth, and spitting out delicious steam created a huge steam cloud.

Is the Dr. Dabber switch easy to use?

I couldn’t get over how easy the Switch could be used to cook concentrates. All the stigma and concerns about smoking came up with my cool and clean topic. To prepare the switch, switch the power button to oil. Then grab the black ceramic induction cup, put the concentrate in it, and use the reverse grip tweezers to place the cup on top of the switch unit. Then I set the temperature to the 4th highest default heat setting and pressed the move button. Cover the bubbler with a glass cover and wait 5 seconds for the switch to glow green. This means that the machine has reached the required operating temperature.

Another great feature of the switch is that it does not constantly heat the concentrate. After about two smoke cycles, the unit cools and the ingredients are no longer cooked. When you’re ready for your next hit, just press the move button and after 5 seconds the device will turn green again and you’re ready to go. You can create custom thermal settings and adjust the length of your session. This means you can dial in the switch to your style and save a lot of cannabis.

Dr.Dabber switch self-cleaning option

If you are operating the switch in “oil mode”, you have the option of self-cleaning the concentrating cup while inside the switch. Press the up button until the switch reaches the highest level, then press and hold the “up” button for 5 seconds, then release. This instantly overheats the ceramic induction cup and burns out all remaining sludge. You will want to do this under the fans as it incinerates the remaining material. Very convenient!

Warning words to potential buyers of switches, glass loading tools, and carb cap combinations are very fragile. Although it acts as a bubbler mixing stick or cap, the stem of the glass shaft is very thin and fragile. When I first blasted the switch, I messed with the top of the glass and immediately broke the stem at the counter. I was able to order a replacement part for $ 25, but I knew it would break again someday, so I wisely ordered two.

Just because there is an automatic cleaning option for the induction cup, Dr. It does not mean that the DabberSwitch has no other maintenance. You will notice that accumulation begins to appear in the area where the bubbler, seat and induction cup are located, especially when using concentrates. The glass should be carefully cleaned with alcohol to prevent oil buildup. A cotton swab and alcohol were used to clean the induction area where it does not matter how carefully the concentrate is placed in the induction cup. Maintenance is nothing unusual for a vaporizer.

Dr.Dabber switch for vaporizing cannabis flowers

I’m a dry herb guy in the heart, so I was looking forward to flipping the button and choosing the dried flower setting for the switch. As easy as flipping over and drying the herbs, the unit is ready. To smoke the dried herbs, grab the white induction cup that came with the unit. The black cup is for concentrates and the white cup is for dry herbs. Do not mix the cups as they have different configurations and are specially designed.

To load the induction cup, drop and stuff finely ground cannabis. Place the cup on top of the switch unit using reverse tweezers and you’re ready to go. Choose your heat level, I found the intermediate heat option to work best for me, when I cleaned it I experienced a burnt taste draw and the material was black became.

As soon as you draw water from the drinking fountain, you will actually taste the cannabis terpenes. The taste of your cannabis is cleaner and clearer than I go to a stoner.

I noticed that in one session of two hits, I completely cooked a cup of loaded cannabis. We did not know that we could produce the same heavy vapor clouds as when we were smoking the concentrate. Cleaning the cup is a little difficult because the switch’s auto-cleaning function cannot be used with dry herbs. I had to use a small tool to pull the used dry material out of the cup and then reload it. Switches are not as efficient as in the case of concentrates. In two sessions, four big hits made it reasonably high, but I couldn’t get it on track like in oil mode.

Dr.DabberSwitch Product Review

The initial excitement of smoking concentrates with Switch hasn’t diminished over the weeks of testing the device. The switch does the perfect job of vaporizing all forms of concentrate and provides the user with a clean, cool and tasty steam packed with punches. After customizing the session length and temperature, this vaporizer settled down nicely.

I love the features, quality and features of the switch, but I’ve found that dry herb mode isn’t exciting to me. I still use V-Tower for dry herbs, but I really like the oil mode because it makes it easier to choose the concentrate.

If you love concentration and great performance, Switch is for you. If you are the first person of dry herbs, I think there are better options for less money that will suit your needs.

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