U.S. Forest Service Employees Still Banned From Consuming Cannabis

U.S. Forest Service Employees Still Banned From Consuming Cannabis

August 22, U.S. Forest Service Human Resources Issued a notice reminding employees that they are not allowed to consume cannabis, even if they live in states where it is legal.

“Several states now allow the recreational and medical use of marijuana. However, marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law.” the notice said“All Forest Service employees must be drug-free and abstain from the use of illegal drugs, whether on or off duty, regardless of state law. Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act. There are no changes to the panel of drugs included in the list of drugs.”

of news It also lists the current rules for drug testing protocols. First, it warned that employees could be drug tested for cannabis if there was a “reasonable suspicion” that the employee was using cannabis. Second, any employee whose job is listed as her Test Designated Position (TDP) will also continue to be drug tested. “Experimental Designated Positions generally have safety or security responsibilities related to the Forest Service’s mission. Duties related to the TDP may include public health and safety, protection of life and property, law enforcement, or national It’s security related.”

Finally, if an employee tests positive for cannabis or any other illegal substance, they are subject to mandatory administrative action pursuant to “DR 4430-792-2, Drug-Free Workplace Program.” Includes discipline up to removal when illegal activity is first discovered. Drug use.”

CBD was legalized nationwide through the 2018 Farm Bill, but a US Forest Service notice states that CBD is also off limits. “[CBD] It can be inaccurately labeled as having zero to low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, when in fact it contains high levels. There is a nature. ”

Some U.S. Forest Service employees Illegal Cannabis Plant Removal Clean up trash and other materials found and left on national forest land. However, in 2018, a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found evidence of a lack of proper cleanup after reviewing these sites.

“We conducted field inspections of eight eradicated marijuana growing sites in California during the 2014-2016 fiscal year and two marijuana growing sites in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky.” report state“Toxics were present at seven of eight growing sites in California, and infrastructure such as irrigation pipes, trash, and equipment was found at all eight sites. Toxics and infrastructure were found at some sites. It was still present years after it was eradicated at the cultivation site.”

A study published in July 2019 found that legal cannabis can reduce illegal cultivation in national forests. It suggests full national recreational cannabis legalization as one of the ways to eliminate it.” the researcher wroteThey also stated their belief that a tax on legal cannabis is what drives people to grow it illegally on federal land.

Other agencies in the United States have also updated or reiterated their current cannabis rules and restrictions for employees. Commercial truck drivers consumed more cannabis than any other substance, according to data from last August. But in May 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation shared that 10,276 commercial truck drivers tested positive for cannabis. This violation of Department of Transportation rules has resulted in a nationwide shortage of drivers who cannot continue to work. Most recently, a draft was published in the Federal Register in August warning coroners for commercial drivers that CBD may contain unlicensed THC. cannot qualify physically, even if marijuana is legal in the state in which they reside for recreational, medical, or religious purposes,” the rule states.

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