Virginia Legislative Panel Kills Retail Cannabis Bill

Virginia Legislative Panel Kills Retail Cannabis Bill

The Virginia legislature this week refused to introduce legislation to regulate the retail sale of cannabis, effectively voiding a ready-made proposal to start selling recreational marijuana by 2024. Senate Bill 1133 A proposal from Democratic Senator Adam Evin was rejected by a House subcommittee on Tuesday in a 5-to-3 vote in line with party policy, opposed by a Republican majority on the panel.

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Virginia in July 2021, with legislation allowing adults 21 and older to own up to 1 ounce of weed and grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes. rice field. The law authorizes the regulated sale of cannabis for adult use and requires another vote by lawmakers to set a target date of January 1, 2024 to begin the legal sale of recreational cannabis. bottom. But so far, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, which took control in the 2022 general election, has not supported a bill that would set up a legal framework to regulate the sale of recreational marijuana.

“It is legal to own small amounts of cannabis, and it is also legal to grow your own cannabis.” evin said before the subcommittee voted to overthrow the bill. “But we are lagging behind in establishing a retail market that can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, offer adult-tested products, and keep children out of the hands.”

Ebbin’s bill, similar to a bill he sponsored last year that didn’t even get committee approval, would allow recreational marijuana sales to begin by January 1, 2024. bottom. People living in “historically disadvantaged communities”.

The bill would also allow the Virginia Department of Cannabis Control to issue new recreational marijuana business licenses on July 1, 2024. The bill passed the Democratic-controlled Senate last week by a vote of 24-16, with some supporters included. Republican Senator.

On Tuesday, the General Law Subcommittee passed Senate Bill 1133 without consideration, likely settling the bill for the rest of Congress in 2023. The bill could be reconsidered at a later date. Yes, but the proposal is likely void until lawmakers are reconvened in 2024.

Republican Governors Focus on Delta-8 THC

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican governor of Virginia who was also elected in 2022, has publicly said he has “no position” on laws that license and regulate the retail sale of adult-use cannabis. But Deputy Agriculture and Forestry Secretary Parker Slaver, a Yankin administration official, opposed Evin’s Senate Bill 1133 in a subcommittee on Tuesday.

Slaybaugh said Youngkin is focused on developing policies to control unregulated hemp products containing Delta 8 THC. Last month, the governor called on lawmakers to pass a bill regulating intoxicating hemp products.

“The bill I am tracking and looking for is the bill dealing with hemp and delta-8 and the regulation and consumer safety of those products.” jonkin said last month. “And now there are products that are mislabeled, mismarketed, and aimed at children.”

Proponents of regulating recreational marijuana sales say failure to do so is a major cause of the proliferation of unregulated, intoxicating hemp products readily available at gas stations and convenience stores throughout Virginia. However, the House of Representatives has voted on committees in this legislative session, including House Bill 1464, sponsored by Republican Rep. Keith Hodges, and House Bill 1750, sponsored by Republican Rep. Michael Webert. Refused to introduce two additional bills that would regulate the sale of recreational marijuana.

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