Weed Consumption District Along Missouri River Coming to Kansas City Suburb

Weed Consumption District Along Missouri River Coming to Kansas City Suburb

Just days after Missouri voters approved the Third Amendment to legalize adult-use marijuana, an ambitious red-light district project is rolling out. Gladstone, Missouri-based Besa Hospitality Group announced a new “cannabis entertainment district” opening Nov. 9 along the Missouri River, serving people living in the Kansas City metro area. increase.

multi-million dollar projects Smoky River Entertainment DistrictThe website has a countdown until April 20, 2023.

“We have the opportunity to showcase cannabis and its acceptance in everyday life. We are normalizing cannabis through hospitality,” said Joey Pintozzi, vice president of operations and marketing. Said CBS affiliate KC TV 5. “This is more of a place to entertain than anything else. Cannabis happens to be part of the experience. I can do it.”

fox 4 report Pintozzi joins entrepreneur Jack Mitchell, both of whom are already involved in the medical cannabis industry in Missouri. doing. Future developments that could result in much higher total costs.

The concept includes an amphitheater, two indoor entertainment venues with capacities from 500 to 2,000, festival venues, food and beverage outlets, corporate event space and a wedding venue.

The Smoky River Entertainment District is located in the village of River Bend, about 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City. According to the developer, the mixed-use space will provide thousands of jobs for the region and will host top names in music, comedy and art.

It is a joint project with Besame Wellness, state medical cannabis dispensaries. Last Tuesday, voters in the state approved Amendment 3 with his 53% vote in favor of regulating adult-use cannabis.

Jack Mitchell, CEO of Besa Group of Companies, said: “The facility will not only serve as an amphitheater and entertainment venue, but also help develop the region’s music, hospitality, cannabis and cultural economy together.”

The project will be rolled out in two stages. The first phase, which he will open in the spring of 2023, will include a festival venue, food and beverage concept and a 1,500-seat live music venue.

The second phase will open in spring 2024 and will include the Smoky River Amphitheater, which seats 14,000 people.

The website reads, “Welcome to the Smoky River Entertainment District.” “The nation’s first mixed-use development that gives you the freedom to be yourself. Located on the banks of the Missouri River just 20 minutes east of downtown Kansas City, our hotel invites you to experience the future of nightlife and entertainment. We host everything from private events, concerts, dining, leisure and one-of-a-kind experiences – stay tuned for upcoming events and announcements and don’t forget to follow us on social media and join our mailing list. Join us to stay up to date.Pick up your paddle and double check the map.See you downstream.

A similar effort to establish a cannabis village is taking place in West Hollywood, California, where cannabis consumption lounges are approved. plans to rebrand as a name coined by a trading group).

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