Activists To Demonstrate For Cannabis Clemency in D.C.

Activists To Demonstrate For Cannabis Clemency in D.C.

Hip-hop icons Redman and M1 of Dead Prez joined cannabis activists in Washington, D.C. on Monday to protest the Biden administration’s failure to release those jailed on federal marijuana convictions. The rally, which has been accused of acts of civil disobedience, brought together cannabis policy reform groups including Students for Wise Drug Policy, DC Marijuana Justice, The Last Prisoner Project, Maryland Marijuana Justice, and members of the White House protest in front of October 24th.

Steve DeAngelo, cannabis policy reform leader and co-founder of The Last Prisoner Project, helped organize Monday’s demonstration to draw attention to the plight of those imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana charges. Said he directed me. Activists hope the protests will spur the White House to take action on a cannabis amnesty before the general election in November.

“As the country heads into the midterm elections, I only want one simple thing: people who are still in prison with cannabis convictions, keeping the promises President Biden made during the last election cycle. to release him,” DeAngelo wrote in an email. high times“As the White House itself admits, none of the recently announced amnesties will be released.”

On October 6, President Joseph Biden announced that he had issued an executive order pardoning anyone convicted of marijuana possession. analysis of Biden’s executive order made by new york times The amnesty is estimated to cover about 6,500 people convicted of federal weed possession charges between 1992 and 2021, and thousands of similar convictions in Washington, D.C. . .

“At least, if President Biden really wants the support of cannabis voters to show good faith, at least 100 of the 2,800 federal prisoners currently serving non-violent cannabis charges will be released immediately. We should,” DeAngelo said. “If President Biden refuses to take action, I will meet at the White House on October 24, along with hip-hop legends M1 and Redman, and hundreds of other cannabis activists, to put the President on his feet. I will set it on fire.”

M1 said, “I have decided to join this action because this government has failed to step on the right side of his/her story. My cannabis community deserves freedom and justice. Together with our cultural activist comrades, we will always grasp the pulse of the people.Liberate them all!”

Biden administration considers rescheduling cannabis

Biden’s announcement earlier this month also included calls for governors to take similar action on cannabis pardons at the state level. The president also directed Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to reconsider cannabis’ status as a Schedule 1 drug. Activists say the president hasn’t done enough.

“I am outraged that the president has not released any of his incarcerated friends and family members despite the executive action on cannabis,” said Kat Ebert, president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. said in a statement from the group“He is forcing us to raise our voices to make more people understand that cannabis prisoners are not yet free. We will make it clear to Democratic leadership that we will accept very few violent behaviors, and we will demand a pardon for all cannabis prisoners.”

DeAngelo is the co-founder of the Last Prisoner Project, a group that works to free people incarcerated on cannabis charges. In addition to related activist groups, former incarcerated individuals and local cannabis liberation fighters will also join the protest.

“If President Biden really wants to mend the harm of our nation’s unjust prohibition policy, this early progress must be followed up with bolder actions, actions that will actually lead to the freedom of cannabis prisoners. said Sarah Gersten, Executive Director and General of the LPP. advise.

Monday’s demonstrations are set to begin at the White House gates at 10 a.m. local time, with Redman and M1 expected to join the call for a cannabis pardon. Crowds gather in Lafayette Square before engaging in an expected civil disobedience nearby, aimed at drawing attention to the shortage of those released from federal prisons as a result of Biden’s executive order. Gather at the Andrew Jackson statue.

“The DCMJ is joining the protests to free all cannabis prisoners because we simply waited too long,” said the DC Marijuana Justice, a group that has led cannabis policy reform efforts in the capital. Co-founder Adam Eidinger said, “We are thrilled that our students are leading this effort to free cannabis prisoners whose continued confinement is immoral and unjust.”

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