Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project Finds Errors in Pardon Applications

Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project Finds Errors in Pardon Applications

The Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project began in September, with approximately 3,500 applications submitted for consideration. These applications are now awaiting official review, but it appears many were submitted with typos.

Board of Pardons (BOP) Celeste Trustee said: Many applicants submitted inaccurate information, many of which were simple typos or other minor errors. We want to make sure that we are not seen,” said Trusty. I am working hard.”

recently BOP meeting At the October 13 meeting, members discussed how the application was born 66 out of 67 counties in a state. Most applications came from residents of Dauphin County (298) and York County (284), with Allegheny (212) and Philadelphia (197) topping the list.

According to Meredith Buttner, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition, the program is much needed in the state. “This is very important for many Pennsylvanians who have a history of non-violent marijuana-related criminal offenses. It was an exciting undertaking.” Buettner told Fox43..

“By looking at the data and looking at who’s eligible and who’s not, we’re seeing that we can impact the lives of so many people in the coming months and help them get down that path. It’s really incredible what you do.A clear record.” Trusty told Fox43.

She also added that the next step is for the BOP to start investigating each application. “The board will consider it. [and] review [them] And they can vote to move it to the governor,” the Trustee explained.

of Pennsylvania Marijuana Amnesty Project Created in collaboration with Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Governor Tom Wolfe. As a “one-off, large-scale amnesty effort,” the application window closed on September 30, but those who missed the deadline can still apply. swift pardon.

of Timeline The program estimates that after the application period (September 1-30), the board will meet on October 13th to determine whether the applicant will be heard. Following him on December 13-16, the board will vote on an application seeking a pardon from the governor. Beginning December 16, these applications will be sent to the governor, but no time estimate was provided. The program says on its website: Gov. Wolfe’s term ends on January 17, 2023, so the application period was very short. Program website add.

Fetterman, who is currently running for Senate in Pennsylvania, has been a strong supporter of cannabis legalization and its impact on the state’s residents. At the recent Fifth Annual Cannabis Opportunity Policy Summit, he described Pennsylvania as “a place for second chances.”

Earlier in September, Fetterman sent out a press release from President Joe Biden detailing the need for legalization. said. “The president needs to exercise executive power to rescind the marijuana schedule. I would love to see the president do this before our Pittsburgh visit. The public overwhelmingly supports the decriminalization of marijuana.”

Fetterman then referred to a “great conversation” with President Biden about cannabis policy. Two weeks after he launched the Pennsylvania marijuana pardon project, Biden’s monumental announcement on a cannabis pardon was announced.

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