Advocates in Nebraska Launch Medical Cannabis Ballot Campaign for 2024

Advocates in Nebraska Launch Medical Cannabis Ballot Campaign for 2024

Advocates in Nebraska, one of the few states to not have a medical cannabis bill in the United States, recently submitted papers to put a medical cannabis initiative on the 2024 ballot.

according to Nebraska Attorney General, Medical Cannabis by Nebraskans The effort needs more than 200,000 signatures to qualify. The group’s spokeswoman, Christa Eggers, hopes residents will reverse the state legislature’s decision to refuse to listen to voters. “I have no choice but to continue petitioning the government,” she said. Eggers said.. “Despite more than 80% of Nebraskans of every party, region, age, etc. supporting this, Congress is refusing to act.”

Eggers also said: lincoln journal star about their hopes for medical cannabis. “I know the public supports this.” Eggers said.. “We are going to do this and do it to get safe and regulated medical cannabis in Nebraska.”

Eggers’ eight-year-old son has had epileptic seizures since he was two years old. Although she and her family tried multiple medications with no improvement in her son’s symptoms, she eventually tried her medical marijuana with success. She has spent the past seven years advocating and working for legalization for her son and her other family members across her state.

It takes about three weeks for the state to certify the initiative, according to the group’s website. The group can then start collecting signatures.

Medical cannabis can bring relief to struggling Nebraskans. We are one of thousands of families and patients who need access.” Medical Cannabis by Nebraskans says on the website. “Whether it’s a neighbor, a loved one, or a friend, most Nebraskans know someone who suffers from a serious health condition. Marijuana is not an option.”

In 2020, the Nebraskans’ ballot initiative for medical marijuana was stripped from the ballot by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The court said the effort violated the requirements of the constitutional “single subject” rule, so the group would instead address the regulatory framework on a case-by-case basis to protect caregivers from arrest. He called for the creation of two initiatives.

LB-474 was also introduced into the state legislature in 2021 to consider medical marijuana, but fell two votes short of passage. Nicole Hochstein, her mother of an epileptic child in her Nebraska state, described her feelings as “devastated.” she is broken They fell apart because they literally voted to take my child’s life. ”

A petition campaign in August 2022 failed to gather enough signatures for a 2022 vote. The 184,000 signatures collected by the group weren’t enough, and despite financial difficulties, the group has decided to continue its work towards 2024.

In December 2021, former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts appeared in an ad paid for by Smart Approach to Marijuana, solidifying opposition on the topic of medical marijuana. “The only difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis is the choice of words,” the governor said. “It’s not a medicine, so doctors can’t prescribe it, and pharmacists can’t provide it.”

Earlier that year he statement claiming Cannabis is a “dangerous drug that affects children” and “if you legalize marijuana, you’re killing them”.

Current Gov. Jim Piren isn’t a big proponent of cannabis, but in February he endorsed the FDA-approved drug. “I believe in prescription authority 100%. He said.

Medical cannabis laws still in place It is insufficient Even in other states like Idaho, Indiana, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming.About Safe Access for Americans 2022 Status Reportall of these states, including Nebraska, scored “F” across the board for lack of legislation and access to patients.

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