Carnival Cruise Line To Continue Using Drug Dogs Amid Prevalence of Pot

Carnival Cruise Line To Continue Using Drug Dogs Amid Prevalence of Pot

Carnival Cruises will continue to deploy drug sniffer dogs to search for cannabis and other drugs, said a brand ambassador who acknowledged the cruise line’s drug policy on Tuesday.

Do not plan to smoke if you are vacationing on a cruise. Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), Royal Caribbean (RCL), Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH) and all other major cruise lines that operate from or depart U.S. ports prohibit the consumption of cannabis. -board. Most ships display ‘drug-free zone’ signs on board and have a zero-tolerance policy.

Cruise lines follow federal law more than state law, so cannabis is banned in nearly all situations, even if the ship isn’t flagged in the United States. The open sea isn’t really a lawless land, the laws are usually miles from the coast and most cruises stop in multiple countries.

of Gwinnett Daily Post report Carnival Cruises says it has no plans to change its marijuana policy for the foreseeable future, after a brand ambassador revealed the cruise line’s efforts to regulate the use of cannabis on board.

“When it comes to drug sniffer dogs, I can say that our intolerance rules and enforcements have made a big difference on the issue of what people think marijuana is legal and allowed to use on cruises. Carnival brand ambassador John Heald said. Posted On May 23, he said on his Facebook page:

Some cruise passengers complained of the weed smell common on cruises. Passengers say they get infected while the ship is in port or when they go out into the city.

“They need more drug dogs when we get back on board because people pick up drugs in the port,” said a commenter named Janet. “You can smell the marijuana on the balcony.” commenter replied on Heald’s page.

Drug-sniffing dogs and the cannabis problem

There are several problems with using dogs to sniff out drugs and cannabis. A commenter expressed concern about an allergy to dogs that may violate privacy.

Heald added, “These very smart, highly trained dogs are used when boarding ships, but in some cases not all cruises on all ships can successfully sail with their handlers.” but the ship is big enough for this [to] Don’t worry if you have allergies…”

It turned out that washington post Asked the same question last March, CCL representatives acknowledged the cruise company’s cannabis policy.

“Marijuana and cannabis products may be legal in some states, just in case there is confusion, but we are required to follow federal law regardless of the laws of the state where you board our vessel. We want to remind our customers of one thing,” said Christine, President of CCL.Duffy Said of washington post.

Dozens of states have legalized marijuana in some way, and drug dogs in general have lost their jobs en masse. In some cases, drug-sniffing dogs have been trained to ignore cannabis. why?major Release from chicago tribune In 2011, he argued that drug-sniffing dogs may sense and obey their owners’ prejudices and prejudices.

Not just dogs. China has partnered with drug-sniffing red squirrels, but honeybees could soon become the next natural drug-sniffer. Researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany recently published their findings in an academic journal. pro swantitled Detecting Illegal Drugs by Trained Bees, shows the expectations of bees in law enforcement.

Cruise passengers caught with cannabis are usually punished quickly and often disembarked at the next port.

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