Arizona Jail Detention Officer Arrested for Dealing Meth, Fentanyl

Arizona Jail Detention Officer Arrested for Dealing Meth, Fentanyl

The sheriff at Lower Buckeye Prison in Phoenix, Arizona, has directly banned drugs in response to requests from prison guards.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzonea detainee was arrested for trying to bring methamphetamine and fentanyl into Lower Buckeye Prison in Phoenix, Arizona.

fox 10 report Its detainee, Andrés Salazar, faces several drug-related felony charges. Before Salazar attempted to bring a package containing about 100 tablets into the prison, money was exchanged in the prison parking lot.

“This was an ongoing investigation,” Penzone said at a Jan. 11 press conference. “

Salazar didn’t seem to be very good at it, and it was a disappointing choice for his future. “we have strong That’s why I believe this is his first attempt,” the sheriff said.

“This young man, for whatever reason led him to make this decision, will now not only lose his career, but perhaps his own future will undoubtedly be adversely hindered.

The drug problem is serious. In 2022, 172 inmates were hospitalized for overdoses or drug-related incidents in Maricopa County Jail. Her 17 deaths in custody were due to overdoses or drugs were the main cause of death. 194 inmates tested positive for certain drugs from urine samples. Of the inmates, he tested positive for fentanyl in 114.

The county says 150 inmate postcards were intercepted in the mailroom that tested positive for being soaked in fentanyl and/or methamphetamine. Officers, sergeants and lieutenants have been trained to deploy the Narkan,” the sheriff said. Said.

Patterns in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

This sort of thing is nothing new in the criminal justice system: In 2021, former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Antrim said: declared For stealing over half a ton of cannabis and $600,000 in cash from a warehouse and organizing a fake drug raid.

In 2018, three South Carolina prison guards were arrested for smuggling drugs and other contraband into two different correctional facilities. In one of these incidents, guards attempted to smuggle 143 grams, or about 5 ounces of pot, into a detention center.

Do you think drugs are out of reach in prison and jail systems? Think again. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug use rates within the criminal justice system are “high.” Specifically, according to some studies, 65% of the US prison population I have an “active substance abuse disorder” and need to get those drugs from somewhere one of the best arguments to say drugs won the drug war.

However, Maricopa County is addressing this issue with some new changes.

Maricopa County Fights Drugs, corruption in prison

Penzone is now acting proactively to prevent incidents like this from happening again under his watch.KTA News report The sheriff has announced that scanning machines will soon be installed in prisons to detect drugs and other contraband entering or leaving the facility, officials said Wednesday.

“I am now at a point where I think it is not only important but appropriate to purchase a scanning machine. To judge,” said Penzone.

“If the entire prison system needs a system-wide upgrade, we’re happy to do it,” said Penzone. “But we will find the most effective one and introduce it to all prisons as soon as possible.”

Drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine are dangerous.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), fentanyl is the deadliest drug threat facing the country. “In 2021, a record number of Americans (107,622) will die from drug addiction or overdose,” he reads the DEA release. “Sixty-six percent of these deaths can be attributed to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.”

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