Hawaii Representative Announces Plan To Legalize Pot in 2023

Hawaii Representative Announces Plan To Legalize Pot in 2023

upon January 11thMembers of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the Hawaii Drug Policy Forum, and Hawaii’s ACLU spoke at a press conference held at the Capitol in Honolulu. The conference was prompted by Rep. Jeanne Capella of Hawaii to unveil a cannabis bill targeting criminal justice reform and other important considerations.

First, DeVaughn Ward, MPP Senior General Counsel, kicked off the meeting by speaking on the importance of implementing successful legislation as quickly as possible. “Marijuana bans have done immeasurable damage to our communities, especially those of color. Ward said“Cannabis legalization is an opportunity to stop harming our population and wasting limited public safety resources.”

Next, Nikos Leverentz’s Drug Policy Forum in Hawaii said the upcoming cannabis bill is a “significant opportunity” for legislators to address the needs of those affected by the war on drugs. rice field. “Hawaii’s cannabis policy should center the needs of those affected by the continued criminalization of cannabis and draconian drug laws.” Leverenz said“At the same time, a well-regulated adult market will create many quality jobs and business opportunities statewide, including those related to cannabis tourism, craft cannabis, and cannabis science.”

He also said in a public statement to the press that if the red state of Missouri can legalize cannabis, what is holding Hawaii back from moving forward? If it thrives and especially brings in craft cannabis growers, the industry can contribute to the state’s strong tourism sector, he explained. We have a rare opportunity to create quality jobs and economic opportunities across the state, including.” he concluded.

ACLU Hawaii’s George Cordero discusses the inhumane conditions of being held in an overcrowded Hawaii prison due to low cannabis convictions and the long-term effects of cannabis on personal records. Did. “Having a marijuana conviction on your record can make it very difficult to get a job, apply for a credit card, secure a home, or work for the rest of your life.” Cordero said“This is why clearing people’s marijuana convictions is a prerequisite for this legalization measure.”

Capella is on stage. “We all know, and as the people of Hawaii know, that it is time to legalize adult recreational cannabis use in Hawaii. standing at.” she explained“Following the recommendations of the task force dedicated to responding to cannabis policy, we now have a roadmap for legalizing recreational cannabis on our islands,” Capella said. Report publication December 2022 by Hawaii Department of Health Cannabis Task Force

Capela didn’t specify a timeline for when the bill would be proposed, but it did make several key points, including helping states with their mass incarceration dilemma by issuing a mass erasure program. “Social equity. People. That’s the heart of our proposal,” she explained.

In March 2021, the Hawaii Senate approved two cannabis reform bills, but ultimately did not move forward.

Former Hawaii Governor David Ige has often said he is hesitant because of his illegal status in the federal government, not a staunch supporter of cannabis legalization. Authorized to pass a bill to decriminalize cannabis in the state without the signature of the
However, newly elected Gov. Josh Green said he will sign the legalization bill into law in November 2022. “I think people have already gotten past the cultural issues,” Green said. October 2022 Debate“But this is what I would do. First of all, if marijuana was legalized, it should be very closely monitored and only done like tobacco. You get 3,000 out of it.” We need to take between $10,000 and $40 million in tax dollars to invest in developing and rebuilding a mental health system for all.”

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