Belgium Says It Needs Even More Incinerators To Destroy Seized Cocaine

Belgium Says It Needs Even More Incinerators To Destroy Seized Cocaine

With record amounts of cocaine seized by law enforcement in Belgium, the government is calling for additional incinerators.

Agence France-Presse report Authorities there “have seized so much cocaine from smugglers operating through the port of Antwerp that they need even more incinerator space to destroy it”.

“There is a problem with the capacity of the incinerator,” Belgian customs spokesman Francis Adins told AFP.

According to Agence France-Presse, “Belgian authorities plan to seize more than 100 tonnes in 2022. This is a new record after 89.5 tonnes were seized last year.”

Addins said euro news “The main concern for customs officials is to destroy all cocaine as quickly as possible,” it said this week.

“If you have a huge 5- to 8-ton drug explosion, you can’t just dump it all right away because of incinerator capacity and environmental restrictions on the disposal of large amounts of drugs,” Adyns said. told the outlet. “However, an agreement has been made with the incinerator in the meantime to provide us with more incineration capacity.”

According to Euronews, “The details of the burning plan and the schedule for the burning are being kept secret because of fears that criminal gangs will attack these sites in an attempt to recover some of the seized drugs.”

“We have to deal with a lot of money[in terms of street value],” Addins said. “A gram of cocaine costs about 50 euros on the street. With these organizations that are not afraid, and the large amount of money at stake, you can imagine there are major issues when it comes to the security of the operations and) of our agents.”

In October, Antwerp prosecutor Frankie de Keyser described the seized contraband as “a pile of cocaine,” according to Euronews.

of Brussels Times report “Because of the large amount of cocaine seized at the port of Antwerp, the seized drugs must be held at customs.”

“It could give drug cartels an idea, and could inspire them, for example, to raid customs warehouses … No approved incinerators process seized cocaine,” he said. Brussels Times“Antwerp prosecutor Frankie de Keyser sounded the alarm to Justice Minister Vincent van Quickenborn a few weeks ago. The offices of Van Quickenborne and De Wever said they were working together to find a solution.Flemish public waste agency OVAM said on Saturday that the incinerator had enough capacity and the problem was resolved. I said it was in logistics.”

Agence France-Press reported that Belgium’s “latest problem stems from an astronomical amount of cocaine from Latin America intercepted at Antwerp, Europe’s main port of entry,” and Belgian officials said Drugs can be the target of robberies by powerful gangs looking to reclaim lucrative shipments. ”

Agence France-Presse said this week, “Gang members have been spotted using drones to reconcile customs warehouses containing millions of euros worth of seized cocaine, according to local media reports.” reported. “Although authorities are working quickly to destroy the seized material, there are ‘environmental standards that must be met’ for the cocaine to be incinerated,” Addins said.

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