Breeding for Dummies: How To Make Your Weed Plants Screw

Breeding for Dummies: How To Make Your Weed Plants Screw

So you want to play with Plantsex! That is wonderful. I am here to help you, and I enlisted the help of some of the greatest weed wizards on the planet to help me. If you work on it, you can stay comfortably at home. For simplicity and efficiency, we’ll boil this down to a few very rudimentary and basic options. Breeding is a complex art with an infinite threshold of complexity, so it’s insane to cover it all in a short article like this.

First of all, you need at least 4×4 feet of space, if not more than 4×8, and a growing tent. At least he recommends a 4×8, but you can get it to work on a 4×4 as well. Vivosun makes excellent grow tents and I have used his 4×4 for years. They also have a whole line of home grow equipment that work well except for the lights I haven’t tried them myself but use his HPS lights at 1000 watts or Fancy Pants LEDs We all know what we do. that.

As with most living things, drugs, etc., you need male and female cannabis plants to make seeds. As you probably know, in a quick recap, the small nodes under the branches of cannabis strains are the genitals of the plant. Male plants have spherical “pollen sacs” and female plants have “pistils”.

Allowing the male plant to pollinate the female plant causes the female to grow the seed in the normally smoking bud. To do. Therefore, if DoSiDo plants are crossed with Chemdawg plants and they produce 100 seeds, all female seeds will grow into unique combined versions of both parental strains, each with a slightly different flavor, odor and and effects profiles. Dear readers, here is where the fun part begins. In a way, you can build your own cannabis experience from scratch, and every breeder likes to build it differently.

“Most of the time I’m looking for the best components and hybrids. [traits] of each cross,’ said Alex clearwater genetics, I personally call Now N’ Laters the reigning king of the cross. “I need to see the best of both worlds out there. I need to see a real 50-50 hybrid of him, or depending on the purpose he’s a 75-25 or something else. Otherwise you fucking Just grow stock.

Now it’s not as easy as saying, “I want to have a strain that tastes like Zkittlez, yields 4 pounds per light, and gets you high like OG.” It’s what Scott of the Sexual Chocolate Factory calls a unicorn strain, and while it pops up often, it’s one in a million. Genetics don’t really work that way either. Due to the tendency to give and take, you may find that great tasting strains are not as high as you would like, and vice versa.

There are two main ways to do this:

Male pollen sac of ‘Ztan Lee’. Photo posted by his Scott of the Sexual Chocolate Factory.

Method 1 – Inversion

Inversion is the process of taking a female clone of the line you wish to mate and spraying it back with a silver thiosulfate spray at the early flower stages to make the male plant pollinate the selected female plant.

“It’s hard to end up with good males of your favorite breed. If you have trainwrecks, pink certs, pavé, etc., it’s hard to find males with those traits,” says Chris Compound. I was. compound genetics The mastermind behind stocks such as Apples & Bananas and Grape Gas. “You can use females to make males, reverse males of those strains.”

This method makes it easy to select the traits you want to pass on to the cross. This is because you don’t have to play guessing games like you do with male plants. You just need to obtain and select a clone from the female plant as you normally would. After the previous generation has been harvested and sampled, the favorite is reversed and propagated.

“My Oreo cake cross with Now N’ Later #47 was a winner around 120 plus. It’s a beast, just a beast,” said Alex of Clearwater Genetics. “Take that. There are 27, but they’re flipping right now. I’ll take them. And I’ll spray them with SDS and do our thing. I have a huge stash.”

Method 2 – Play with Guys

In this method, normal non-feminized seeds are taken and males and females are sorted. A strong male is then selected and used to pollinate a selected female plant.

“The only indication early on is stem rubbing,” said Scott of Sexual Chocolate Factory, the company that bred the famous Randy Wazon. “Another indicator of later life is pollen sacs.” Pollen sacs and plant matter begin to develop trichomes similar to female plants, but in different areas. If you are lucky enough to find one, it will give you an indication of what the resin and flavor will be.”

Once the studs are selected, the pollen can be collected and applied to selected female plants, or the plants can be kept in the same room until seeds form.

This method is a little more complicated, especially in a limited home setup. Many commercial breeders choose Method 1 because it is very likely that you will get the timing wrong or pick a male that is not the best stud. The setup has a divider to create two different rooms, which is why I specifically recommended the Vivosun 4×8. You can keep and pollinate on your own time.

No matter which method you choose, you don’t have to waste all your sprouts to get seeds. If you divide the males to collect pollen, you can literally pick up a paintbrush, dip it in pollen, and place as many of them as you want on the buds you want to impregnate, rather than pollinate the stock openly in bulk. When you do this, be sure to wrap the rest of the plant in a garbage bag so pollen doesn’t get stuck where it shouldn’t.

Male pollen sac of ‘Ztan Lee’. Photo posted by his Scott of the Sexual Chocolate Factory.

Hash Breeding

I had to squeeze this in for all the cold warriors and hashdocs out there. For those unfamiliar, hash washing is the process of knocking off the trichome heads from cannabis buds, collecting them, drying them, and vaporizing them. As with other properties of the cannabis plant, hash breeding involves seeking out strains already known to produce good hash yields or good hash taste, and then selecting and crossing those strains. will be

“When I cross, first and foremost, I make sure the plants I want to pollinate already have hash-washing properties like good trichome production,” Compound said. If so, you don’t want to reverse something that was a bad washer in the first place.”

Other indicators of good hash yield include trichome “grittyness” or “grittyness”, but it is important to note that good yield does not always equal good flavor. It is important. Scott of Sexual Chocolate Factory says it’s a dichotomy between genetic traits, essentially a give-and-take between taste and yield, not necessarily a direct correlation.

“Sandy [trichomes] It’s what you’re looking for when you’re touching a flower, and you can feel the gritty feel in the trike zone and between your fingers. That’s an indicator of a good washer. Whether it’s a desirable washer is another story,” Scott said. “In a race car, you can get a lot of horsepower.

Chris M.

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