Byron Bay Bio Calls for Seed Investors to Lead Cannabis Industry Expansion

Byron Bay Bio Calls for Seed Investors to Lead Cannabis Industry Expansion

Byron Bay Bio Pty Ltd (“BBB”, “Company”), a pioneering force in the global cannabis industry is excited to announce that they are calling for seed investors to join its organization to fund its expansion across the USA and Australia. Originally founded by renowned cannabis activist Will Stolk, the Company is at the forefront of a sustainable cannabis ecosystem that offers a diversified portfolio of investments in medical and recreational cannabis.

With a projected industry growth rate CAGR of 34% and an expected value of $444 Billion by 2030, BBB is strategically positioned to be a global leader in the supply of cost-effective, superior recreational and medicinal cannabis. BBB has revolutionized the scientific standardization of the cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of high-quality cannabis products following their strategic investments in advanced seed genomics, cultivation agronomics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, processing technologies, and distribution channels.

The Company’s commitment to natural organic, pesticide-free practices and its collaboration with the world’s leading scientific cannabis research center ensures the production of superior cannabis strains and products. The Company’s innovative approach and product offerings cater to a wide range of consumer needs, from medical-grade CBD oils to unique cannabis-infused beverages. The BBB diversified portfolio includes renowned cannabis players such as Tioga Green, Pheno Hunts, Byron Bay CBD, Mary Jane Beer, and Byron Bay Biotech, which will each contribute to the Company’s robust growth trajectory.

An investment from seed investors now will enable the execution of several strategic growth initiatives to rapidly accelerate the business including;

• expanding product lines
• global distribution sales channels
• enhanced biotechnology capabilities; and
• vertical acquisitions to enhance the existing portfolio of brands and services.

Byron Bay Bio Founder and Executive Director, Will Stolk, commented:

“We’ve done a lot of hard work over the past 2 years to secure strategic investments and build a portfolio of complementary and integrated companies to harness the market opportunity. I’m thrilled to now be able to open an offer for other investors, who share our vision of creating a sustainable and innovative cannabis industry, to now come in and help us accelerate our expansion plans and share in the significant upside it presents.”

Byron Bay Bio recently appointed experienced company executive Jeff Lang, as its CEO. Jeff’s executive leadership and visionary approach have been instrumental in developing and implementing the Company’s commercial strategy. In 2017, Jeff had remarkable success for himself and the founding investors with the listing Titomic (ASX:TTT), resulting in a 1,600% stock price surge from its $0.20 listing price to $3.20 per share in just 18 months showcasing his ability to implement his successful strategy to return maximum shareholder value.

This achievement earned Titomic the ASX Corporate Deal of the Year award in 2017. Adding to the executive team’s strength, Daniel Russell has joined as the Company’s COO. Daniel is an experienced Business Development Executive with a successful history in the marketing and advertising industry with deep expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media. Daniel holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Decision Making for Leaders from London Business School. Daniel is a results-driven commercial marketing strategist with extensive experience in global brand and product marketing, category development, business development, and sales & marketing leadership.

Assisting the team in an advisory role is experienced career CFO Peter Vaughan. With over 20 years of financial and regulatory experience with ASX and NASDAQ-listed companies, Peter is an expert in financial strategy, capital raising, and financial governance. Peter is a Chartered Accountant, a member of AICD and AGIA, and holds a Senior Exec MBA from Melb Uni. With a breadth of industry experience in FMCG, biotechnology, agriculture, technology, biomed, and mining, Peter is known for his ability to internationally commercialize high-growth Australian companies.

Investors interested in joining Byron Bay Bio’s journey to redefine the cannabis industry by setting new standards in quality, sustainability, and innovation are invited to apply to participate in the now-open founding investment round.

For media, investment, or further information, please visit:


• Will Stolk at 1800 870 087 or +61 (0)434 425 118 (Media Inquiries)

• Jeff Lang at +61 (0)425 725 315 (Investment Inquiries)

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