California Agency Awards Over $50 Million in Cannabis Tax Funds to 31 Organizations

California Agency Awards Over $50 Million in Cannabis Tax Funds to 31 Organizations

of California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced on May 25 that it will again give a small number of subsidies to various health departments and nonprofits. The agency used cannabis excise and cultivation taxes to raise and award $50 million in funding for the 2022-23 fiscal year. Funding through the California Community Reinvestment Grant Program. Recipients are permitted to use the funds to help people find jobs, treat mental health and substance abuse, and provide legal services.

To qualify, organizations must: different requirementsBe in good standing for at least six months before the grant is solicited, have tax-exempt status from the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Commission, and be listed as “current” or “exempt” on the California Attorney General’s Register of Charities Such as trusts are displayed.

This year’s grant recipients include 31 organizations specifically aimed at helping communities affected by the war on drugs. The highest grant awarded was his $3 million to Centers for Equity and Success, Inc. shield for familyLos Angeles Department of Public Health, unusual law, Monterey County Health Department. Other grants include Youth First Place, San Francisco Bay Goodwill Fund and United Friends of the Children.

According to a GO-Biz press release, the agency plans to begin applying for the next subsidy later this summer, in August 2023.

of California Cannabis Authority (DCC) originally announced the launch of the $30 million program in April 2020 as the first grant recipient for fiscal year 2019-2020. In 2021, the California Community Reinvestment Grant Program has awarded her $15 million to various organizations. Most recently, last June, GO-Biz announced that it would distribute $35.5 million in cannabis tax funds to 58 grant recipients.

In February, the DCC announced a $20 million grant program to support and expand the state’s cannabis industry. “Expanding access to California’s retail cannabis market is an important step toward keeping consumers safe and supporting a balanced market,” DCC Director Nicole Elliott said. “The Retail Access Grant Program is ultimately intended to encourage legal retail operations in areas where existing consumers do not have easy access to regulated cannabis.” Six at University of California, Los Angeles , three research initiatives were approved at the University of California, Berkeley, and one grant was approved for universities including UC Davis, UC San Luis Obispo, and UC Humboldt.

again, February, the DCC announced that it will allocate $20 million to Local Jurisdiction Retail Access Grants to help local governments enact their respective cannabis licensing programs. It also announced an additional $15 million to support equity in the cannabis industry.

California continues to fund cannabis research efforts. In April, nearly $20 million in grants were given to 16 universities for cannabis research. The topics of these efforts spanned research such as legacy genetics and efficacy. “It is the ministry’s hope that these studies will advance the body of scientific research, deepen our understanding of cannabis, and assist in the continued development and refinement of the legal framework,” said DCC Principal Deputy Director Rasha Salama. Stated. “These studies provide valuable insights on topics of interest to consumers, businesses and policy makers in California, and the Department looks forward to sharing them as they are completed. ”

Just a few weeks ago, a special commission in California released a draft final report, concluding that the state apologized to black Americans for the discrimination they experienced as a result of the war on drugs. It further asked black Americans to pay the funds “for every 49 years of California residency from 1971 to 2020.” The final version of the report will be submitted to Congress on June 29.

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