California Bill To Bar Employment Urine and Hair Drug Tests for Cannabis Advances

California Bill To Bar Employment Urine and Hair Drug Tests for Cannabis Advances

A bill to add protections to California employees who consume cannabis after hours is underway and could soon make its way to the Senate floor. The bill would prohibit employment discrimination by employers, mostly based on urine or hair tests that detect only the inactive metabolites of THC.

Urinalysis and hair tests are poor indicators of THC dysfunction or recent use, as inactive metabolites of THC can be detected only days or weeks later. The bill would still allow the use of oral swabs or computer-based performance tests. teeth It’s actually a more reliable indicator of recent use or disability.

in the meantime Congress Bill 2188 Protect California employees who smoke after hours from inaccurate drug test formats and continue to allow employers to take action against employees with disabilities in time. There are also exemptions for workers and construction workers.

The bill is supported by the National Union of Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the California Nurses Association, the California Association of Registered Nurses, and UDW/AFSCME Local 3930. Additionally, the California Association of Employment Lawyers, United Cannabis Business Association, Cannabis Equity Policy Council, Americans for Safe Access, and California Cannabis Industry Association also support the bill.

Employers generally do not test for THC. It only tests for THC metabolites, THC waste products, and does a urine test and a hair test.urine test Not a reliable indicator of impairment It’s also not worth it for employers with bigger concerns like alcoholism and opioid abuse.

“This whole piss-testing system is the result of government fraud in the first place,” says Dale Gieringer, director of NORML, California. high times. “was I never have By stool examination, especially looking for metabolites, everything be concerned with public safety. ”

It’s just a remnant of the Reagan era Drug-Free Workplace Act 1988rose within the peak of “Just Say No” Fever.

Gieringer continues. I mean, if I had a new drug or medical device, I would say, “If I give this to my employees, they will have fewer accidents, and they will be more reliable, better employees.” If I had such a device or drug, the FDA would require me to conduct a double-blind, controlled clinical study to prove it to be the case. ”

“This has never been done for urine testing. It’s basically getting into the urine testing business after leaving government and having ties to the government in general and demanding these is beneficial.” It was a scam by a former Reagan drug man who decided it was a test long ago, in the late ’80s, so we’re putting an end to that scam.”

California NORML issued a press release urging Californians to contact their state senators. “Scientific studies have not shown that urine testing is effective in preventing workplace accidents. many studies have found Workers who test positive for metabolites are not at increased risk of workplace accidents. ”

“Ironically, under current drug testing regulations, workers are allowed to use addictive opiates for medical purposes, but medical cannabis is prohibited. Shown to reduce opiate usecontinued Gillinger.

The California Legislature approved the bill, as did the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committees, and the bill was assigned to the Appropriations Hold File.

If the bill is approved at the committee hearing on August 11, it will move to the Senate floor for a vote. California NORML encourages residents to: Write a letter to your state senator Supports AB 2188.

21 states Five states (Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Montana, Connecticut) and several cities (New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City MO, Rochester NY) and Richmond VA) will protect the employment rights of recreational cannabis consumers,” added Cal NORML Deputy Director Ellen Komp. “California, a global leader in the progressive movement, has yet to protect workers who consume cannabis. It is time to change that and protect California workers.”

California could be next on the list to provide protections for employees who consume cannabis after hours.

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