Canada Border Agency Seizes Almost 2,000 Pounds of Illegal Cannabis Export

Canada Border Agency Seizes Almost 2,000 Pounds of Illegal Cannabis Export

According to a press release from Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced on August 24 that it had seized 592 kilograms (about 1,305 pounds) of cannabis in the most recent move.

Using CBSA sniffer dogs along with a “wide range of detection tools and techniques,” law enforcement was led to 1,036 vacuum-sealed bags containing “suspicious cannabis” for export on May 26. . In addition to the first seizure, another seizure was carried out on 26 June, containing 300 kilograms (661 lb) in 100 bags, for a total of 892 kilograms (approximately 2,000 lb) in two seizures. ) of cannabis was obtained.

“It is illegal to bring cannabis (and cannabis products) into or out of Canada regardless of the mode of entry (air, sea, land, rail) without a valid Health Canada permit or exemption. ” written by the agency in a press release. “CBSA officials have the authority to inspect imports as well as exports. customs law You may be inspected for prohibited items, including cannabis and cannabis products. Avoid Seizures, Fines and Arrests: Do not bring into Canada. Please do not take it out of Canada. ”

Rahul Coelho, CBSA A/Director for the Metro Vancouver District of the Pacific Region, explained that exports are legal only with proper certification. “Although cannabis is legalized and regulated in Canada, it is still illegal to import or export cannabis and cannabis products without a valid permit or exemption issued by the Canadian government.” coelho said“These significant seizures demonstrate our commitment to intercepting illicit drug imports and exports and contribute directly to disrupting the activities of organized crime.”

according to Canadian cannabis law, only authorized parties can import or export cannabis in Canada and can be used “for medical or scientific purposes only.”all Authorization required for individual shipmentsand permit applications are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Cannabis exports to Canada $53 million in 2020That’s a 229% increase from 2019 export data, according to Prohibition Partners.while 2018-2020Canada exported 30,000 kilograms (approximately 66,000 pounds) of dried medical cannabis and 35,500 liters (over 9,000 pounds) of cannabis oil abroad.

Many other countries have legalized the import and export of cannabis. Israel, one of the world’s top countries for cannabis research, approved the export of cannabis in May 2020. field,” former Israeli Economy Minister Eli Cohen said of the decision.

Last July, Colombia also legalized the export of medical cannabis, especially for flowers. “Colombia is starting to play a major role and this decree puts us at the forefront in terms of regulatory competitiveness, at least in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Colombian President Iván Duque. . “We are opening up the space to do even more with cosmetics… [including] food, drink and even textiles. Previously, Colombia approved a law regulating the production and sale of cannabis in 2016, but exports remained prohibited until 2021.

A recent survey revealed that cannabis flowers remain the most popular method of consumption in Canada (according to data collected between 2018 and 2020). “The findings highlight the rapidly evolving nature of the cannabis product market, including notable changes in the types of cannabis products consumed by consumers. …Dried flowers continue to dominate the market, but processing Edible cannabis and vape oil are the second and third most popular in a given period, after flowers,” the researchers wrote of the findings. was the second most popular.

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