Florida Gov. DeSantis to Pot Licensees: ‘Charge These People More’

Florida Gov. DeSantis to Pot Licensees: ‘Charge These People More’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters on Aug. 23 that medical marijuana license holders in the state will have to pay more to apply and renew their licenses. But businesses in the state say higher application and renewal fees could spell the end for some struggling businesses.

State officials “should charge these people more,” DeSantis said.

“So these are very valuable licenses,” the governor continued. “I charge them an arm and a leg. I mean, everybody wants these licenses.”

cbs news miami It is not yet known whether the governor was referring to existing license holders or future license holders.

However, Florida license and renewal fees already exceed those found in other states. This may be because Florida’s licensing system requires businesses to grow, process, and sell marijuana and derivatives without limiting the number of retail outlets, and attorneys say this is the state’s business. said it is increasing the value of its license.

After taking office as governor in January 2019, one of DeSantis’ main promises is to boost Florida’s economy.

Governor DeSantis called for repeal of Florida’s smokeable flower ban. Florida voters said he passed a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, but a rule banning smokeable marijuana passed Congress and was signed into law by former Gov. Rick Scott. established.

Cannabis advocates sued, claiming the ban violated an amendment passed by voters. A state court agreed and declared the rule null and void, but the rule remained in place as an appeal from the Scott administration passed the court. However, when Governor DeSantis took office, he said his administration would waive appeals against the court’s rulings if the ban was not repealed.

The ban on smokeable cannabis was officially repealed on March 18, with Gov. Ron DeSantis signing a compromise passed through Congress. Unsurprisingly, smokable flowers are by far the most popular menu item at Florida’s over 460 medical cannabis dispensaries.

In early 2014, low THC products were allowed for certain patients. Medical cannabis companies that were part of the first group of applicants in 2015 then paid more than $60,000 to be able to sell low-THC cannabis.

Then Florida’s 2016 constitutional amendments further established what is considered a mature medical cannabis market with a range of approved products.

Florida law requires legislative approval of regulations if the compliance costs for these businesses exceed $200,000 over a one-year period or $1 million over a five-year period.

Higher application and renewal fees are “unfortunate,” said Brady Cobb, an attorney and founder and CEO of Green Sentry. Said CBS news. “If it happens, it happens,” Cobb said. Cobb added that Florida could make more money by taxing cannabis products or by having operators wholesale products to each other and tax those sales instead.

License Fees for Black Farmers Are Too High in Florida

The state charged higher fees in recent rounds of applications for licenses that were revoked in Florida’s 2017 Law for Black Cannabis Farmers. Under rules laid down by the Department of Health, the applicant had to pay a cost of $146,000 to obtain a black farming license, more than double hers in the 2015 application process.

“Black farmers have to pay $146,000 just to apply for a license to grow medical marijuana.” miami new times report.

Last year, Agriculture Secretary Nikki Freed He called the high fees for black farming licenses “discriminatory.”

The department has received more than a dozen applications for black farming licenses but has not announced a license winner. We are not presenting a line.At least 150 applicants are expected to apply.

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