Cannabeginners: How to Legally Use Cannabis in France

Cannabeginners: How to Legally Use Cannabis in France

World-famous hash maker Frenchy Cannoli may have been a true cannabis evangelist, educating the masses on how to make quality hash, but unfortunately, his country of origin, France, , have very different views about cannabis. Considering how restrictive French cannabis laws were until very recently, it’s no wonder Frenchie left his hometown for other countries in search of greener pastures and greener sprouts. Learn the basics of cannabis in France before your next visit to Paris.

drug trafficking

Before we get into French cannabis laws, a few words about drug trafficking. In France, as in most countries, anyone who brings drugs on a plane can be prosecuted for drug trafficking. The law, which came into force in 2020, small step Towards decriminalization of cannabis possession, as long as it is less than 50 grams (about 2 ounces), you may be able to pay fines and avoid prison sentences, but it is still a criminal offense.

Early medical cannabis industry

France to start medical cannabis experiment in 2021, followed by a two-year pilot study 3,000 patients.Given the success of the ongoing pilot study, on March 1, 2022, the French government will edict Legalization of medical cannabis.Specifically, fix French public health law permits the legal cultivation, production/manufacture, transport (including import/export) and possession of cannabis for medical use.

The decree will lead to the birth of a medical cannabis industry in France, but only after it comes into force and the National Agency for Drugs and Health Products Safety (ANSM) establishes the supply chain. ANSM should also establish an 11-member committee to serve as an advisory board on many aspects related to medical cannabis, including trace and trace, approved methods of consumption, and strain identification.

Medical cannabis has no reciprocity

As the French medical cannabis industry is still in its infancy, there are currently no so-called medical cannabis reciprocity, i.e. regulations that allow one state or country to respect the medical cannabis recommendations of another state or country. This means that even if you have valid medical cannabis recommendations in other countries (e.g. Canada, Germany, Israel, the US), they will not help you legally buy or use cannabis in France. Only time will tell if France will allow any kind of reciprocity for medical cannabis patients.

Limited progress towards full legalization

France is widely considered to have some of the toughest cannabis laws in Europe, and although it has only recently embraced medical cannabis, the move has been slow and the government generally opposed legalization. ing.Like the U.S., France too, despite highly restrictive cannabis laws Ministry of the Interior notes that it “has the second highest level of consumption in Europe, with approximately 900,000 cannabis users every day.” As a member of the European Union, France is closely monitoring its neighbor Germany, and French Health Minister François Braun said, “We are closely monitoring the evolution of Germany’s legal framework, especially with regard to its potential impact on the region beyond its borders. I will go,” he said. Unfortunately, while the U.S. and many other countries around the world have moved fairly quickly and are positive about cannabis, things have stalled in the early stages of medical legalization in France.

June 2021 poll A survey by the Institut français Opinion Public found that 51% of French people want cannabis to be decriminalized, the highest since the 1970s when it was first made illegal. According to other survey data, the past year and lifetime usage rates in France were Comparable The United States is similar, with nearly half of the population reporting some form of cannabis use in their lifetime, and more than 10% reporting use in the past year.

CBD flower recently legalized

With neither adult use legalized nor reciprocity for medical cannabis in France, there is no legal way to consume THC-rich cannabis in France. Thankfully, the French State Council (equivalent to the Supreme Court of France) overturned CBD-rich flowers were banned late last year, allowing the creation of a French CBD industry. This means tourists in Paris will soon be able to enjoy CBD-rich cannabis products, including flowers. Only time will tell if CBD-infused French wines and cheeses are on the menu any time soon.

Unjustified Targeting of Muslims

As in the United States, France’s drug law enforcement unfairly targets some minorities, especially Muslims.Run by Professor David Guba numbersand despite only 9% of the French population being Muslim, data show that “up to 1 in 6 prisoners in France today are Arab Muslims who have used, possessed or sold cannabis.” It suggests that it may be male.

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