Cannabis Consumption meets Concierge Service with an Affordable Home Delivery Bundle from HighHello

Cannabis Consumption meets Concierge Service with an Affordable Home Delivery Bundle from HighHello

Now that the stigma around buying and consuming cannabis is gone, did you get out of bed in your pajamas and do a happy dance this morning? Well we did too! Cannabis culture in the United States is booming with legalization and its benefits for mind, body and spirit. increase.

From anxiety-ridden young adults (21+, of course) to grandparents coping with joint pain, everyone smokes cannabis, e-cigarettes, and consumes in one form or another.

Cannabis doesn’t have to make your head spin

If you’ve set foot in an infirmary recently, you may feel like you’ve been teleported to the Wild Wild West. Options, devices, strains, and jargon can make cannabis users of all degrees a little dizzy. That’s even before you eat your first edible. Tinctures, various strains, gummies, chocolates, and THC-infused liquid beverages. The options are endless and often confusing.

Soothe your weed mind when you find yourself scratching your head and asking yourself “Where do I start?!”with the help of high hellofinding quality cannabis products that meet your needs has never been easier or more convenient. You can discover and gather topics.

High quality at a preferential price

HighHello prides itself on bringing you the highest quality flowers, edibles, vapes and more at great prices. But they really knock it out of the park with their personalized approach to the cannabis buying process. For those interested in Kanna and enthusiasts alike, HighHello subscription club You can easily find quality products that suit your tastes and needs.

Get Personal About Your Weed

But HighHello doesn’t just deliver attractively priced subscription boxes filled with cannabis straight to your door.They offer next level customer service in a private virtual Battender session. No need to get in your car, find a pharmacy, or risk letting your boss see you rushing. While waiting in line, just talk to the battender about what you need while others wait in line behind you. their feet.

Members can schedule monthly meetings with knowledgeable battenders to ask questions about anything from specific products to general industry knowledge. Or maybe you just need someone to talk to. Either way, your battenders will care about you. And they want you to have a fun and delicious cannabis experience. Sign up for a subscription and provide the necessary identification. Simply enter and choose from a variety of monthly curated boxes with non-judgmental help from one of HighHello’s qualified battenders.

and this is how it works

Opening a HighHello box every month is like a cannabis Christmas morning. Based on the settings you choose, some crates contain different strains of cannabis. Others, by contrast, include edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis-infused products.members are their priority box (smoke, vape, edible, or mixture) and a delivery window that works with consumption levels.

Just seven days after becoming a HighHello member, eager members will receive their first box of curated cannabis goodies. After that, you will receive a new delivery every 30 days. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned hippie who smokes marijuana, club membership is a hassle-free way to keep up to date with the ever-evolving cannabis culture we live in today.

So what are your Kanna preferences?

Membership benefits include staying on top of the latest trends and innovations, discovering exciting new products, and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals.

There are several boxes to choose from and many more options to meet the different needs of HighHello members.

mixed box: This option (valued at $150+) includes 7 carefully selected cannabis products from a variety of strains and consumption methods. Subscribers can expect two-eighths of flowers, two pre-rolls, two edibles and one vape. The retail price for this box is $100.

Edible box: Would you rather eat weed than smoke it?They have a box just for you. The edible box (worth $75-$100+) includes: 6 carefully selected edible products Each month, we offer everything from baked goods and snacks to gummies and cannabis-infused drinks, all according to the preferences of the members.

Flower lovers: An all-flower box that is irresistible for flower lovers. You guessed it, all that flowers, all the time. So if exploring different strains is your passion, this box is for you.

All Concentrates: For dubbers who believe wax is the way to go, this box will not disappoint.

Beginner’s Box: Newcomers to cannabis culture can relax with boxes curated for beginners. There is a mix of beginner products and the battender will guide you by answering questions about the products in the beginner box.

Want to be a HighHello VIP?

Bougie Box: We weren’t shocked when we heard our friends at HighHello had this in the pipeline.fall immediately.

Club membership is more than just free monthly deliveries. Members receive discounted access to cannabis events, exclusive product drops, behind-the-scenes content from industry-leading brands, and access to the HighHello Educational Library. green room.

OMG, Becky, look at that pot!

high hello We research the latest cannabis products so all you have to do is relax and enjoy. Below are some samples of the brands and product types that subscribers can find in our monthly deliveries.

1. Chief Michigan Cookie (Flower)

Photo courtesy HighHello.

From the battenders of HighHello: “These guys and gals take pride in growing clean cannabis. It’s clean cannabis. A decidedly impressive signature from music legend Todd Rundgren himself.” Aside from an eighth place finish, the Michigan cookie strain blew us away. [with some] Pine and sweetness there. Great effect, powerful and relaxing. “

2. Glacier Cannabis Blast Chiller (pre-roll)

Photo courtesy HighHello.

From The Battender: “Award-winning Glacier Cannabis produces all their cannabis in small batches and strives to combine quality with affordability. Blast Chiller strains are typically associated with relaxation and moderate euphoria. Pine and mint make up the flavor and aroma profile.” Glacier comments: “Perfect for lounging, Blast Chiller delivers a powerful, relaxing smoke. Relax with something nice on the lawn.”

3. Podotu (edible)

Photo courtesy HighHello.

From Battender: “A literal delight in edibles. We are blessed to have this in Michigan. At 1 MG THC per candy, it’s perfect for microdosing and snacking. We carry these around all day, I loved sharing it with friends interested in Kanna.

4. Ryba’s Roots Mackinac Island THC Fudge (edible)

Photo courtesy HighHello.

From Battender: “Locally inspired products like this are the perfect way to enjoy some Michigan nostalgia in the new licensed cannabis market. Infused with a perfectly manageable dose of 50mg THC, Delicious Michigan-made fudge?It’s like a hug from Grandma.Some of the best execution we’ve seen when it comes to incorporating Michigan history into a flavorful, high-quality product.”

5. Wink Black Cherry Fizz (drink)

Photo courtesy HighHello.

From the Battender: “Are you looking for a hydrating and relaxing microdose option? Or do you want to ‘drink’ with friends but want to stay away from alcohol? Spirit together for quick onset.” You can experience the effects at the same speed as if you were consuming . With a manageable and balanced 2.5mg THC and 2.5 CBD in each can, you can drink without worrying about overdosing.

For newcomers to the wider cannabis world, nothing beats HighHello’s all-in-one approach. And for the more experienced, HighHello’s cannabis subscription boxes offer a convenient, personalized, and truly unique way to discover your favorite new products.

take me behind the scenes

HighHello is revolutionizing cannabis culture. First and foremost, the team works directly with brands, visits facilities, tests products, builds relationships with growers and processors, and offers club members the highest quality products available at preferential prices as soon as they are available. to ensure availability.

Membership gives you exclusive access to new products, exclusive releases and surprises from our HighHello network of partners. Education and community are also key elements of what HighHello does. Their mission is to make sure everyone has access to the resources they need to participate in the cannabis community. is.

start with, and take advantage of discount offers for first-time subscribers. Look for the banner at the top of the home page. More features will be added. HighHello will be adding a store pickup option soon, adding the opportunity to receive his one-time box without a subscription. Keep an eye out for the latest subscription options and perks, and join the HighHello community today!

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