Cannabis Industry Comes Together To Offer Free Turkeys, Canned Food Drives for Thanksgiving

Cannabis Industry Comes Together To Offer Free Turkeys, Canned Food Drives for Thanksgiving

Cannabis has always paired well with Thanksgiving, either as a way to enjoy the holidays with those we love, or as a way to help build tolerance for certain skeptical, critical, or opinionated family members. In recent years, Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) has become the second highest-grossing day in the cannabis industry.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to reflect on all we have, but it’s also an opportunity to look outside ourselves to help others. There is no shortage of altruism as we create initiatives to help people. Many businesses have arranged to give out free turkeys this year or reward customers who donate canned food for good causes. This list is just a sampling of the contributions the cannabis industry makes each year, but check out your local pharmacy to see what they’re working on.

Several cannabis businesses are going full steam ahead in Michigan this year. puff cannabis distributes 1,700 birds at specific locations on November 18 and November 21-22. Owner Nick Hannawa told CBS News how important it is to give back. “These things are tough with prices and inflation and everything that’s going on. Maybe people are short of jobs and different things don’t do this,” Hannah said. “It’s the feeling of knowing you’ve done a good deed and putting a smile on someone’s face.”

Light’N Up Cannabis Company invited former Detroit Red Wings player Darren McCarty to help hand out 1,000 turkeys on November 19th. According to owner Kyle, who is also a veteran of his coffee, he started this initiative in his 2021. “We’re just doing the right thing and taking care of people,” Cohee said. “Linden’s Alpine Markets connected us and said they would get turkeys from Spartan Brand at a cost.” Eighty of his turkeys are through a partnership with Genesee County Veterans Services. , specifically reserved for veteran patients.

Multiple Michigan Clinics Collaborate Common Citizen and High Life Farms for “Bring the tin, get the grammovement. The initiative aims to collect 2,000 cans to donate to local food pantries, and customers who bring in at least one can of food will receive one pre-roll. We want to show people that we’re not a thing, we’re not a big name company that just wants to make money or something like that, we grow, we produce, we spread our love of our products to others. We want to show people that we love sharing with people from all walks of life,” said Laura Bywalec, marketing manager at High Life Farms.

Marimed (Who is the company you may remember? World’s largest infused brownie December 2021) is giving away hundreds of turkeys at locations in Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois and Delaware. “MariMed is proud to do our part and help people in the communities where we do business. Doing what we can to improve people’s lives through our products and our values ​​is at the core of our mission as a leading cannabis company.”

in Massachusetts, Terps Cannabis is working with Chip In Food Pantry to encourage customers to donate canned food. Also celebrating the opening of his third store in Charlton, the November 18-20 event is offering free meals from his local food truck.

Local clinic in Thousand Palms, California bulldog cannabis We have partnered with Riverside County to provide residents with 100 turkeys (1 per household). “We are so grateful to Bulldog Cannabis for providing this generous donation to the Thousand Palms community,” said Riverside County Supervisor Manuel Perez. “We look forward to helping out with this distribution, and we would also like to thank this local business for providing food to our community for the Thanksgiving holiday.”

Salty food company based in Oakland, California Always As well as offering two new flavors of delicious chips (Turkey Dinner and Churros), we’ve partnered with Wunder (a local cannabis beverage company) and Nugg Club (a cannabis subscription service) for $2 with every bundle purchase. donate the To San Francisco Marine Food Bank.

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