CarMax Employee Caught Allegedly Shipping Three Pounds of Pot to Work

CarMax Employee Caught Allegedly Shipping Three Pounds of Pot to Work

When in doubt, it’s probably not a good idea to ship felony amounts of cannabis to your workplace. Please do not ship on holidays.

According to the Gastonia Police Department (GPD), a box containing about three pounds of cannabis was found in a parcel at a used car dealership addressed to a CarMax employee in Gastonia, North Carolina. CarMax employees regularly receive packages at work, but this particular box was suspicious enough to investigate. The box was shipped from a location in Hollywood, California, where cannabis is legal, but not in very large quantities.

CarMax employee Michael Williams, 39, was unfortunately not at work the day the package arrived and was unable to hide it. A colleague of Mrs Williams found the box and called authorities, who seized the pot.

But local police didn’t stop there. They repacked the box with three-pound weights to mimic a bag of cannabis, making Williams feel guilty to himself. This was the evidence they needed to name him and send him to prison.

“[We] We put several items in the box, weighing about 3 pounds, resealed the box and waited for the suspect Williams to show up to pick up the package,” said GPD’s Rick Goodale. rice field. Said of Charlotte Observer. GPD posted a photo of what appeared to be a 3-pound vacuum-sealed bag inside the package.

When Williams returned to Carmacks to report to work for his next shift, he confirmed that the package was meant for him. Police subsequently arrested him on May 22.

California allows adults over the age of 21 to possess marijuana, but only 28.5 grams of cannabis per person is allowed without a specific permit. Also, shipping pots across state lines is prohibited at all times. It’s not normal to find this much cannabis in someone’s workplace.

“Most of the time it goes to residential, but it’s very unusual to go to businesses,” Goodale said.

GPD officers believe William’s surgery has been going on for some time.

Williams has been released on bail after posting bail. in North Carolina, 1.5 ounces to 10 pounds of cannabis is considered a felonyAccording to NORML, the penalty is three to eight months in prison and a fine of $1,000.

under the watch of CarMax

Carmack has tried to distance himself from Williams, saying he is not directly employed by Williams, but merely a contractor. “Carmax is founded on integrity and doing the right thing, and we appreciate the prompt response of local police,” they said in a statement last Wednesday.

Hiring contractors is an advantage when workloads fluctuate, but it is also a way for companies to avoid providing benefits.

Finding a lemon in a CarMax is commonplace, but finding a pot in one place is completely new.

CarMax is under close scrutiny for the following reasons: Huge number of complaints claiming lemons are sold in storesThe Lemon Office reported. The Lemon Firm was founded by one of California’s top Lemon Law Trials Attorneys. Michael H. Rosenstein.

In some cases, CarMax customers say they were not informed that the vehicle they were looking to purchase had been involved in an accident or had other serious damage. Others claim that CarMax misrepresented the current condition of the cars, leading them to believe they were getting big deals.Read what some of his Reddit users are saying said about the situation.

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