Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts

Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts

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Sean Yaton is great. The way his brain works should be an inspiration to all other musicians and artists, under the influence of weed or not. Some say tomato, some say tomato… Sean seems to be a “big red-handed fruit.” I can’t copy this man’s way of thinking!

Yaaton is the bassist of the beloved rock band parquet coat, and his own Sonic Maestro. He is a writer and a very good storyteller as well. If you’re lucky enough to hear him spin the thread, it will melt his heart.

Lucky for us, the guy is here to discuss his relationship with all of 420. When first asked if he would be in the game, Sean wrote: yes.

Below, we highlight which strains Yeaton likes to smoke and discuss his beloved grinder. Then he likes to see why we need a documentary on Reese’s HQ in 2022, the merits (or lack thereof) of being able to solve Rubik’s cube, and Joseph Kittinger’s “jump off motherfucking” video. I go round and round about why. In 1965, a balloon was launched from the edge of space. “

There was also a lengthy meditation on trails, slugs and Robert Moor that gave my brain whiplash. I can’t even explain. Yaton It has that effect.

Sean Yaton in Parquet Courtes video “Walking at the Pace of Downtown” directed by Daniel Arnold

What is your favorite strain? How do you take it?

Sean Yaton: I am currently sipping this Casey Jones. And hours before that, he was sipping Jack Herer. I’ve found them to complement each other well in that my mind is buzzing with conceptual insights. … like a Todd Solondz movie or something – Casey Jones and Jack Herer take me there.

How these strains affect me: !juju! In my mind, a lot of inspiration, just an Adam Curtis vibe.

Side note: I think we need a documentary on what’s going on at Reese’s headquarters right now. New Reese’s release was on par with the original shit, without any fanfare…

What is your current favorite weed product?

Honestly my grinder. A simple and stylish metallic red magnetic grinder. Kind of an impulse buy from my local head shop where I always buy paper. I rarely buy new items these days, but I am interested in new trends in gadgets. So if you go out of your way to interact with wook in a non-Spencers Gifts or Bonnaroo situation, there’s at least a chance that you’re ready to pay a little extra for something special.

I was more into the ritualistic stoner process of having an inventory of wisely curated shit to smoke weed in college. Finding space to store my musical shit and cool tour ephemera is hard enough. If you walked into my house, you wouldn’t expect that mid-level indie and his musicians live there. Guess I’ll have to put off putting the gas mask hood on the mantelpiece until I manage to sneak a framed Parquet Coat poster on the wall or something.

Anyway, my grinder is very tight. It spins easily, has 4 chambers, feels great, is very fast and grinds very well. It’s definitely on the smaller side of the 2.2 inch grinder, but it worked fine for me and I found that Keef his chamber filled up very quickly. I love this. Oh, and it came with one of those fun/funny little kief shovels.It’s always fun to find free accessories for anything. smile.

Also I would like to get proto pipe…but I love my little red grinder.

Sean Yaton photographed by Zak Sokol

What kind of activities do you like to do after being turned to stone?

Damn, this is hard. In rural Pennsylvania, where I live, there are so many great places to hike, snowshoe, swim, run, and fuck, all of which are great.

That said, there are a few things I especially appreciate when stoned:

read: If I’m the right type of lithophobia, suckling a pig’s leg or something like that, there’s nothing like a great read. Books are tight, but so are Wikipedia, Yelp reviews, and Reddit. I believe that reading with a cannabis sidecar can make a difference if you read a book at the right time, regardless of genre or publication date. In my experience, the concept and process of reading alone is a worthwhile curiosity to explore Stoned.I could go on forever about it, but here’s the wikipedia page Aphantasia When hyper fantasyis a cool place to start lol.

Rubik’s Cube: This was my “sourdough starter” at the beginning of COVID. During the first spring/summer pandemic, I became obsessed with solving Rubik’s Cubes. I felt like I needed to start adding new shit to my setlist as a real person in order to impress people, surprise people and captivate them with the emotional thrill of being friends with me forever!

I spent about 3 months twisting and turning this thing charting each time the moves I made to reach a certain stage… until one hot day in July it all came together . It was a real personal victory to say the least! But to be honest, no one cared at all, so I’d say most!

I think people are only impressed when they see a kid with some kind of talent solve a problem in 30 seconds or less. I’m proud to be able to solve a Rubik’s Cube, but it’s not a party trick unless you hate parties. If you don’t like parties and you see me at a party, please bring your Rubik’s Cube and pull up your chair.

Zelda Breath of the Wild: I love this fucking game! I’m really proud of how good I am at this game. @Don’t do it to me.

draw: I love to draw when I’m stoned. I’ve always liked to do things like doodling, but when I’m frustrated and in the mood for drawing, like gravity slingshot shit, I slowly and purposefully push myself to the limits of my imagination. Spend hours letting your mind drift. You can draw skulls, little horses, or some weird random shit (laughs).

“Yeaton’s Treat” is a cache-only fantasy weed strain made in Photoshop. This product no longer exists, but I hope it will hit pharmacy shelves one day!

Can you recommend what to watch while stoning?

Goddamn, I find this very difficult because it really depends on my mood. I’d like to suggest a video of Tinger jumping out of a fucking balloon from the edge of space. Featuring Moby he UNKLE He knows the track goes really well with the footage so break this link. alive Chilling, and even if I say it thematically alive and Kittinger’s Space Jump are a little different, but this pairing really works.

Here’s the part of the video where mf actually jumps, in case you’re not the patient one.

and, alive-Here’s a very bizarre video that used Google Earth to see a very realistic crash site where very realistic survivors of a Uruguayan rugby team ate the corpses of very realistic friends and loved ones. However, this music is chilling in a different way.

What do you like to hear after you smoke?

I am fully committed to this question, my friend. I am spitting out my two favorites of hers in this very second. Also because I really miss Bryce. I love you, Bryce!Peep Bryce Hackford Bandcamp here.

We also love Claire Rousay (but we’re not BFFs yet).check out here’s her.

Can you recommend something to read once it’s really baked?

on the trail By Robert Moore.

I didn’t expect to like this book. I picked it up because my coolest friend was reading it and I wanted to be cool. It was the first summer of COVID when I read this book, and all the bitching trails I was fortunate enough to live close to were busier than JFK’s damn his TSA line. Everyone suddenly became a hiker. I’m no Reinhold Messner or anything like that, but I’ve been through enough to remember the days when vaping bubblegum in a nature reserve was gauche.

Anyway, it was a good time to read about trails, even if you’re new to outdoor recreation.

i love reading Seeing the squiggly shapes lined up in a row, I thought, ‘Oh my God! I love how it almost feels like targeted advertising, like FATE is conditioned to read the words in front of it!

On the one hand, when it comes to genres and subgenres, this is great because you can honestly fuck any kind of reading without a clear categorization.I’ve read instruction manuals recommending people as some kind of pulp…and if you ask me read the wikipedia page Alf better than to see permanent midnightBut I’m going to really digress here…

on the trail Because it’s more than a book about trails in the woods, it’s more than adventure hippie porn! You don’t have to care about hiking or the outdoors at all to appreciate this book. Perfect for the STONED MIND. Each chapter evokes experiences the author has had with a sort of “trail adjacency” object or individual.

What first hooked me on this book was how the US interstate highway system (not to mention the railroads and everything else needed to connect life to each other and survive) worked. It was when I read a little. Based on deep, hard trails made by fucking awesome bison! There is also a chapter about the great deer hunter. All the chapters really are great, but how the internet works, how our minds work, and flight paths and other shit that has absolutely nothing to do with buffalo is all so far It’s based on a method that follows the same kind of logic as linking trails. As long as they are engraved in time and space!

An entire book about trails goes from trail to trail and trail to trail. By the end of the book, the title becomes a double entender and eureka moment. When I’m high, this book is a chef fucking kiss!

There’s also a bit about slugs in the book, but I won’t spoil it… oh my god! Slugs don’t joke!

I also want to recommend Extraterrestrial Life: First Signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life By Avi Loeb.

Jesus Christ, what a book!It’s hard to imagine anyone still reading this so I’ll try to limit the ramblings on this. If so, DM me on Instagram to prove it @yeatons Popular culture’s favorite alien photos.

As for whether Neil deGrasse Tyson is kind of a poser, this book is great. If Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Sex Pistols to you, Avi Loeb is Chumba Wamba. One is, in essence, like a manufactured result from a focus group. can you smell me

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