Children’s Hospital in Arizona Accepts Dispensary Donation

Children’s Hospital in Arizona Accepts Dispensary Donation

A company has proven that money from cannabis is just as green as money from other industries. Major Arizona clinics are collecting donations every month, and last month they successfully donated to a children’s hospital.

Flagstaff Business News report in the most recent month of donation green farm is raising money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, making it the first cannabis company the hospital has ever partnered with.

Marie Saloum, owner of GreenPharms pharmacy, told local media that the project was a little personal for her. Said Saloum. “About two years ago, a friend of mine’s child was hospitalized and the care and treatment they received saved their lives.”

Current patrons can also do their part to help children in need. GreenPharms is offering an in-house preroll worth $10 to anyone who donates at least $5 to benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

All proceeds from GreenPharms donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital help save children’s lives. Flagstaff Business News report.

Why is it important? That’s because donations from cannabis companies are routinely declined in multiple states by various groups, including organizations associated with children’s hospitals. forbes report For example, in 2019 donations from Organa Brands were rejected outright Thanks to charities such as Wounded Warriors and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

AZ Big Media report GreenPharms is a flagship ‘deli-style’ pharmacy founded in 2013 with a large on-site hybrid growing facility and extraction lab. GreenPharms has won numerous cannabis industry awards, new times Best of the Phoenix winners. GreenPharms is located in Mesa and also in Flagstaff.

Arizona Department of Revenue data reports that cannabis sales have fallen to $115 million, but the market is still a billion-dollar industry, with a market value of $70.6 billion by 2028. predicted to have According to a study by Grand View Research.

To donate, visit Flagstaff’s GreenPharms pharmacy at 7121 US-89, Flagstaff, or Mesa at 235 E Hampton Ave #115.

Other Clinics Give Back

It reveals other creative ways pharmacies are giving back to hospitals and similar institutions. The Wald Lake, Michigan Conservatory offered a unique donation program by offering a free pre-roll to backers who indicated they had donated blood. Worked with UBaked Cannabis Edibles. “Plasma Pot” Campaign.

That particular program was made possible by American Red Cross does not ban cannabis smokers from donating blood or plasma.

Some donation programs don’t always go according to plan. There may also be conflicts of interest.

For example, DARE America not only refused donations from cannabis companies, issued a press release Stay away from the company. The company has an “absolute policy of never accepting donations from businesses, corporations or individuals whose primary source of income stems from the manufacture and/or sale of alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, or cannabis.” .

But in some states, the link between hospitals and cannabis is rapidly narrowing. In California, medical cannabis is permitted in hospitals in some cases.Governor Gavin Newsom signed Last year’s law allowed the use of medical cannabis products inside hospitals and other qualified health care facilities.

normal report that Senate Bill 311or Ryan’s Law states that “medical cannabis use by terminally ill patients [a] medical facility. “

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