China Is Sending Monkeys Into Space To Have Sex For Science

China Is Sending Monkeys Into Space To Have Sex For Science

Highly trained Chinese scientists are sending macaque monkeys and rats into space to study how they thrive in a space-like environment.

Zhang Lu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in a speech on Monday, “Several studies will be conducted to see how mice and macaques grow and even reproduce in space. “These experiments will help advance our understanding of organisms’ adaptations to microgravity and other space environments.”

According to an article in south china morning post, the research will be conducted aboard the Wentian Lab Module on the Chinese space station Tiangong. The space station is currently equipped with small test cabinets for fish and snails, but will be reconfigured to house monkeys. It is believed that the monkey was still on Earth at the time of publication of this article.

Is it possible for anyone with a pulse to get monkeys to have sex in space? Have humans ever had sex in space? If you had sex in space and had a baby on Earth, would that baby be an Earthling or an alien? Would that baby be barred from entering the United States under Trump’s immigration laws?

In fact, the history here is interesting. Drosophila was the first organism officially sent into space in 1947. The USSR and the US then sent animals such as monkeys, rats and dogs into orbit in the late 40’s and his 50’s. I’ve seen some reports that mating may have happened, but the Soviets weren’t very keen on sharing notes, so it’s hard to say.

As for current space monkeys, a professor at a university in Beijing told the SCMP that their large size poses more problems, but that they are more difficult to understand if humans can colonize other planets. said it was important to study larger animals.

Tsinghua University professor Kehkooi Kee told SCMP, “Astronauts need to feed them and deal with waste. These experiments are going to be necessary.”

As far as humans are concerned, NASA has explicitly stated that, to the best of their knowledge, no humans have had sex in space. No reports of space sex have ever been confirmed, but it’s a surprisingly hotly debated issue. The American astronaut couple got married in secret in the ’90s before taking a mission to the International Space Station, but the official story is that basically everyone does astronaut shit. I’m too busy to think about screwing.

Our nation’s top scientists say the physics of space sex is very difficult because it requires a third party or a lot of Velcro to secure it properly. Rising radiation levels in the human body and the effects of weightlessness on blood circulation pose equally challenging problems for sexual and reproductive success.

According to 2014 study: “Compared to other organ systems, the gonad is highly sensitive to radiation exposure. Transient infertility is associated with high doses of acute radiation exposure in both men and women.”

Many scientists also propose that the effects of low gravity on blood circulation may make it difficult for men to generate or maintain erections. , So far, it has been very difficult for astronauts to experiment in this sector.

This goes back to China launching monkeys into space. If monkeys can successfully reproduce, or at least have a better understanding of the problems that arise, it could be the key to understanding whether humans can sustain future colonies in space and on other planets.

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