Czech Republic Cannabis Magazine Editor in Chief Found Guilty for Publishing Weed Content

Czech Republic Cannabis Magazine Editor in Chief Found Guilty for Publishing Weed Content

Robert Veverka is editor-in-chief and publisher of the Czech Republic publication. Legalization, Published since 2010. Voltefaceoften contained content on how to obtain cannabis illegally, how to grow the plant, and how to process and use it. , which may include seed packets and advertisements for fertilizers and seed banks.

It all started five years ago when a local Czech grower was found growing 38 cannabis plants using the seeds contained in the cannabis plant. Legalization. The grower intended to use the cannabis to make a topical cream for himself, but law enforcement began looking more closely at Veverka and his magazine.

Veverka has been in court since summer 2020. By November 2021, the Bruntál District Court fined Veverka his 50,000 Kč (or Czech koruna, equivalent to about US$2,200). According to Presiding Judge Marek Stach, Veverka is guilty of creating more than 200 articles published between 2010 and 2020 that could entice readers to commit cannabis-related illegal activities. There is, Stach adds: Legalization According to a press release from Legalization covered by of International Cannabis Business Conference.

Veverka chose to appeal that original sentence, claiming he was convicted under the “rubber law.” “Very flexible and [and] It includes a paragraph stating that the promotion of illegal drugs, with the exception of alcohol, may be considered a crime,” he said in an interview. kanna reporter about the law.

recently marchVeverka was convicted by a district court in Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic, for “inciting the abuse of addictive substances” and “spreading drug addiction through his magazine”. rice field. The next step is for Veverka to appeal to the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. “I will try to take this to the Supreme Court to protect not just me, but any other media outlets who choose to write about cannabis,” Veverka said. Morning in Prague.

in an interview with cannabis therapy On March 13th, Veverka spoke about the latest verdict. “I am stigmatized, hurt and personally disgusted.” veverka he said“Unfortunately, the ruling lends credence to the prosecution’s allegations, which reflect ignorance of cannabis laws and the general belief that positive information about cannabis is not accepted by the establishment.” It is based on oppressive views, and furthermore, according to my three-year prosecution and court ruling, the publication is even illegal.”

“The court’s ruling referred to a section of the law on the propagation of ‘toxicomania’ (addiction addiction), a Bolshevik relic from the era of totalitarian communist regimes, prosecuting and punishing people for inappropriate opinions. ” he continued.

Under the current sentence, Veverka faces a choice between paying 250,000 CZK (approximately US$11,000) or going to jail. “I absolutely disagree with the ruling. Punishment for disseminating objective and comprehensive information, even on controversial topics like cannabis regulation and use, is a systemic error of judgment.” We consider it punitive bullying,” said Bevelka.

However, he concluded the interview by stating that this would not stop him from defending cannabis and eventually publishing his magazine in the future. So don’t give up on the idea of ​​reopening. [Legalization] magazine,” He said“Therefore, I sincerely hope that I can read in the judgment reasoning exactly what the facts are as to where and with what I committed the crime of ‘spreading drunkenness’ and avoid future torts.” I hope otherwise it will be very difficult to continue publishing because we cannot do business in a cloud of legal uncertainty.”

Next, he plans to participate in demonstrations for the 2023 Million Marijuana March planned for 2023. End of May.

The Czech Republic has decriminalized cannabis since 2010 and legalized medical cannabis in 2013. Recreational cannabis use and possession is not legal, but the Czech government is drafting a bill to regulate the industry, which he originally planned to introduce in March.According to 2023 forbesIn October 2022, the Narcotics Commissioner of the Czech Republic Jindrich Vobořil explained that the Czech Republic is coordinating with German authorities to create a similar approach to adult cannabis legalization.

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