Deputy Fends off Five Armed Robbers at Dispensary in St. Vincent

Deputy Fends off Five Armed Robbers at Dispensary in St. Vincent

The Caribbean cannabis industry reflects the dangers of a cash-only industry in the United States and the appeal of criminals given the large amounts of cannabis and cash. Five armed robberies were intercepted by deputies on Friday, Jan. 27 in the town of Vermont (not to be confused with a U.S. state) in the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Security at the pharmacy. With quick thinking and quick reaction, the perpetrator was arrested in the middle of the robbery while at the scene.

green lava laboratory is a medical cannabis company and dispensary located in the Queensbury area of ​​Vermont. As one of the first companies in the country to obtain a Class C license, large amounts of cannabis and stable cash flow were prime targets.

St. Vincent Times report Five men, one brandishing a gun and one brandishing a “cutlass,” are said to have forcibly entered the clinic at 2:00 a.m. at night, injuring at least one person. The five perpetrators allegedly attempted to break into the pharmacy’s storage area. However, armed security agents were soon dispatched to return fire and force the robbers to flee before they could bring back the loot.

“Our armed security forces engaged the bandits directly, firing several shots and forcing them to flee without being able to enter the buildings and warehouses.” Sheriff PSS Inc said.

Agents were quickly dispatched to the premises within 15 minutes while the suspect was still on the scene, officials said.

“Operations Control was contacted and Executive Director Jason Green and Operations Cox responded immediately and provided additional support. [were] We reached out and got a prompt response within 15 minutes. ” read.

A caretaker on the premises was injured in the accident.

“The property’s live-in caretaker was injured during the incident and was taken to Milton-Kate Memorial Hospital by Sheriff PSS Inc for medical attention,” the report continued.

“The Sheriff takes this opportunity to remind the public that as SVG’s sole tactical security agency, we take asset protection seriously. We stand ready to serve the citizen and business community as the number one source for comprehensive asset protection agents and security solutions.”

SVG government officials issued the first license to grow medical cannabis in 2019.

Green Lava Labs Leader in the Caribbean

Green Lava Labs launched in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on November 15, 2019. First Company Granted a Class C Medical Marijuana Cultivation License in the country. This license allows you to extract, import, export, distribute and grow up to 25 acres of cannabis.

Green Lava has a capacity of over 8,000 pounds of cannabis per year and plans to reach a maximum licensed capacity of 25 acres in the future, which will enable the company to produce over 35,000 pounds of cannabis per year.

The company’s grand opening was significant enough to attract Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonzalves. Minister of Agriculture, Sabot Caesar. A senior employee of the Medical Cannabis Authority. and stakeholders will attend.

provided by the company Flowers, pre-rolls, CBD-infused products, and more.

The company also has other locations, including Jamaica.

business is SVG’s Medical Cannabis Industry Is Booming Again, Finance Minister Camilo Gonzalves reported earlier this year. This follows a period of slow despondency due to the restrictions of the COVID pandemic and the devastation caused by the eruption of La Soufrière volcano.

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