Doug Chloupek of Juva Life on the Coining of a New Cannabis Molecule |

Doug Chloupek of Juva Life on the Coining of a New Cannabis Molecule |

With regulations still around cannabis thanks to the Schedule I list, there’s still a lot we don’t understand about the plant and all its mysteries. We discovered two molecules coined as These molecules are extremely powerful in healing inflammation. Doug Chloupek of Juva Life gave us the inside scoop on what his company was like. learn About cannabis compounds and how they can change the cannabis landscape.

Can you give us some background on the research you’ve been doing on cannabis compounds?

Around 2013, I realized there were some fundamental flaws in the cannabis industry. Over the years, as much as we thought the industry had progressed, we have actually seen it somewhat stagnant.

The industry has been unable to make much progress due to regulatory issues and federal blockades on access to cannabinoids. They don’t really have the level or ability of non-marijuana people.

We all know that cannabis has therapeutic value, but from 15 years of working with patients, we know that cannabis has been used successfully for neurological problems, tremors, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. I know it works, but these were all anecdotal evaluations. , is there something in cannabis that is a mechanism or driver? What is the mode of behavior behind this?

So we launched one of the deepest surveys in industry research, documenting every compound in the cannabis plant, every cannabinoid, flavonoid, and every acidic compound to learn more. We know about CBD, we think it has a high affinity for anti-inflammatory and pain, but it has little to no therapeutic value on its own. I wanted to find a mechanism.

Courtesy of Juba Life

Many cannabis enthusiasts are wary of pharmaceuticals because of misinformation and the industry’s greed for cannabis. We are often wary of medical sources. How do you plan to fill that gap?

To be honest, from my background, I am somewhat anti-pharmaceutical, even though I plan to eventually sell the company so that the pharmaceutical industry can manufacture drugs. The reason I say that is because we don’t have a medical state. Our pharmaceutical industry and our government have neglected human health in our society. is a disease care nation.

We need to get to a place with a health system, and if as a country we really care about people’s health, we will be more proactive in encouraging people’s health. It comes from the perspective of wanting to treat people at the root so that they can prevent or ameliorate disease from occurring, rather than waiting until then.

There is a huge distrust of big pharma from a large segment of our population, and with this anecdotal, massive distrust, it has always been my mission to be able to bridge that gap. . Allow everything to be fixed.

What do you want the pharmaceutical industry to look like in the future?

I would like to drastically reduce the toxicity level of the pills that humans are forced or have to take so that when they have to take something, it is either synthetically made or naturally occurring. Whether made or not, we want it to still be natural or plant-based. Then we can lead a healthier lifestyle every day.

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