Drug-Carrying Pigeon in Canadian Prison Yard

Drug-Carrying Pigeon in Canadian Prison Yard

Authorities at the Pacific Institution in Abbotsford, a correctional facility about 50 miles from Vancouver, said they “reported the capture of a pigeon carrying a small backpack full of illegal drugs” on prison grounds late last month. It has been the same plan since the Middle Ages. According to Yahoo.

yahoo report “A small cloth rucksack tied to a pigeon contained meth,” and prison guards “discovered the bird and its cargo in one of the facility’s recreational yards on December 29.”

“I think the prison officers and security officers first spotted the bird with the parcel when officers were conducting their regular patrols around and throughout the unit and facility. Canada Prison On behalf of the union, he said: Yahoo“The officers then set a trap to catch it.”

The Canadian Broadcasting Company further About Bold Captcha:

“A policeman stood in one of the fenced inmate unit yards that prisoners regularly use to hang out, play games, and get some fresh air. The officers noticed something strange: a gray bird with a small package on its back.”My understanding was that it was tied up in a sort of little backpack,” Randall said. I was. “They had to hunt it down,” Randle said. “I can imagine you trying to catch a pigeon.” After a “long period,” officers seized the bird, unloaded it and released it. “The fact that it was stimulants that were found in birds is absolutely terrifying, because it’s a lot of people,” he said. It’s causing problems,” he added. Amendment Canada confirmed in an email pending investigation, but would not provide further details.”

There is precedent for this kind of chicken play.

In 2017, Kuwaiti customs officials caught a pigeon carrying drugs in a small backpack.

“A total of 178 pills were found in a cloth pocket on the back,” the BBC reported. report Quoting a Kuwaiti newspaper at the time Alrai.

“The bird was caught near the customs building in Abdali, near the border with Iraq.” the BBC said“Allai journalists said the drug was a form of ketamine, an anesthetic that is also used as an illegal party drug. He said he already knew there were birds, but this was the first time he had caught a bird in the act.

There was a similar story in Argentina the same year, when police shot and killed a homing pigeon that flew into a prison and found a stash of cannabis and other contraband in a small backpack sewn into its wings. said the British.newspaper Independent report At the time.

“Police officers at the Colonia Prison in Santa Rosa, La Pampa became suspicious after noticing a bird roaming the building for days,” the paper reported. “After dropping it, they found 7.5 grams of cannabis and 44 tablets of the sedative Rivotril and a USB stick.”

“This method is also the most common method of sneaking drugs into Buenos Aires’ federal prison, officials say.” Independent Added.

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