Nigerian Customs Authorities Seize Nearly 600 Pounds of Weed

Nigerian Customs Authorities Seize Nearly 600 Pounds of Weed

Nigerian customs officials said this week that patrols had seized about 600 pounds of cannabis along a busy highway in the central part of the West African country. Niger/Kogi Comptroller Busayo Cadejo said Tuesday that 317 packages of illegal marijuana totaling 263.6 kilograms (over 581 pounds) had been seized by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS).

After the seizure, the cannabis was handed over to Barrister Harna Kuwetische, Niger Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), in Minna, the capital of Niger.

The cannabis was found by the Regional Command of the Customs Department Patrol along a busy highway between the cities of Lokoja and Abuja in central Nigeria. Cadejo said the suspected cannabis smugglers dumped a truck full of marijuana and fled and are still on the run.

Cannabis is illegal in Nigeria, and penalties for possession of marijuana range from 12 years in prison to life in prison for large-scale trafficking. But despite the risks, cannabis is one of the country’s most popular illegal drugs, and Nigeria is one of West Africa’s largest producers of illegal marijuana.

Following the discovery, Cadejo praised the work of customs officials that led to the seizure of cannabis.But he also noted that illegal drugs are deeply rooted in Nigerian society.

“This opportunity has brought to my heart a dual feeling of sadness and joy. The fact is that some people engage in violent acts.” Cadejo said“I am glad that our officers were able to intercept these illegal parcels because of their diligent performance of their duties. would have helped carry out and sustain crimes such as community service.”

Fugitive Smuggling Suspect

Cadejo noted that suspected cannabis smugglers fled after the truck was stopped by customs officials and took refuge in bushes, warning residents of the area to be aware of their presence. He also said the NCS is determined to put domestic cannabis smugglers out of business.

“With the general election approaching, we feel strongly that it is everyone’s responsibility to stay vigilant and report suspicious activity to law enforcement,” Cadejo said.

The local comptroller noted that he had obtained approval from the Customs Inspectorate to transfer the seized cannabis to the NDLEA’s Niger State Command, saying, “This reflects the synergies that exist between Nigerian Customs and the NDLEA. shows,” he added.

After receiving the seized cannabis, Kuwetische praised customs and said it would dispose of it to keep it out of the illegal market.

“What Customs has done is a clear example of synergy between security agencies. “We are convinced that Nigeria as a country is a project for everyone, not necessarily for the security services. Anyone with information needs to be alerted. , can save lives.”

The NDLEA state commander also said politicians who use cannabis to gain the support of young people in the upcoming elections will be jailed until the polls are over.

“We assure the society that we will make Nigeria safe. Drugs are used for ginger bang especially in this era. Anyone in Niger who wants to use drugs in this political era, NDLEA I want to warn politicians that they can control you and are ready. ”

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