Ed Rosenthal & Jane Klein, Quick Trading Publishing |

Ed Rosenthal & Jane Klein, Quick Trading Publishing |

Ed Rosenthal is an icon. The OG in the cannabis space has more than 12 educational books on growing plants in printed matter. Known as an authority on this subject, he teaches long-term classes at the prestigious Oak Stardom University in Oakland, California. There, he builds a house with his wife, Jane Klein, who has been a partner for over 30 years.

As one of the founders of High Times The magazine Ed was dubbed in New York City in 1974. Ganja MasterHe has been writing his “Ask Ed” column for over 20 years, long before online community forums and social media became a place to collect and share information.

“Tom Falkard, Ron Richty, and I developed the concept of the magazine,” Ed said. “I was doing a statistical analysis based on Peter Knocke’s treatise comparing the number of imported rolls for five to six years, which means that the increase in imports was driven by the increase in cannabis use. That was. We also looked at other factors to estimate the number of people using cannabis, including how many joints someone smokes in a day. Our conclusion was that the number of cannabis was very undervalued and the community was large enough to support monthly magazines. “

This scientific approach to the early stages of launching a completely national weed magazine was encouraged by a team that was already a fringe journalist and cannabis rights activist in the 1970s and had run an underground press syndicate for many years. ..

“We planned 100 stories that we thought we could publish, including my column,” Ed added. “These stories were in the first two years of the magazine. At first there were no ads, so we used mainstream ads across the country to follow many advertisers.”

As a journalist, Ed reported on growth, which was buried underground and was considered illegal at the time. His “Ask Ed” column has become a go-to for large and small producers when they could be imprisoned in federal prisons in doing so. Ed knew that plants are illegal, but people grow them anyway. Showing how to grow it better was a very necessary service.

When asked about decades of false information about cannabis as a medicinal plant, Ed replied violently. “That’s not false information. They lied to us to achieve our goal of discriminating against minorities and cannabis users! Even more shameful, the government has the medicinal properties of CBD and other cannabinoids. It was the fact that I knew and generally obtained those patents while lying. “

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Schaefer Commission’s 1972 report on the non-criminalization of cannabis. This was because it was about to be listed on Schedule 1 of the Ministry of Health. The report was ignored by the administration under the president. Richard Nixon, who appointed Governor Schaefer, subsequently continued to put cannabis on the list of ineffective and dangerous drugs.

For us like Ed, who has written the opposite articles and columns for years, positive changes are slow to come, but we stick.

Courtesy of Ed Rosenthal

Deputy, then attack

In 2002, Ed was attacked in a nursery and raised plants for patients distributed through a clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. As voted in 1996, Ed acted as an officer prior to the attack by the city of Auckland and was able to distribute legal medical cannabis under California Proposal 215, so subsequent proceedings were then It was one of the most noticeable. ..

However, a federal-chosen jury was not involved in the state’s approval, Ed was convicted in 2003 and all charges were overturned by the Federal Court of Appeals in 2006. The person who provided false information about the jury’s responsibilities. But Ed had a firm belief that he would never spend time for plants.

“The judge lost a friend in my trial. He and his wife were San Francisco social celebrities, but they stopped inviting me to the party. Everyone guilty of me with this plant. I objected to doing it, “he said. “I was an educator and activist. I did everything with plants and sold it. For me, trials were just another way to help change public opinion in the law.

Unlike many who were attacked, persecuted, and determined to be dealing with plants, Ed revived as usual and published, educated, and advocated the right to grow and use cannabis.

Marriage, lilies, weeds

Throughout all the trials and tribulations, one of the lesser-known aspects of Ed’s life is the aspect he shares with his longtime partner and 33-year-old wife, Jane Klein.

Ed was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and Jane was raised in Hempstead, Long Island, but the two may have come from two different worlds.

They met through each other’s friends, but Jane said she had too many hippies at the time.

In fact, Ed’s past life involved working as an assistant compliance officer for a stock brokerage company. That year was 1967, when his colleague visited Jane. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that they became intimate after both Jane and Ed had taken root in California.

One of the rumors within the cannabis community is that he cultivated cannabis when he met, but in reality, Jane cultivated other types of flowers and together in her hydroponic garden. I grow vegetables.

“I love growing lilies, and Ed is now growing a good harvest of tomatoes,” Jane said. “Ed recently made onion soup from green onions, zucchini and peppers in the garden.”

Jane is an integral part of the CEO of Quick Trading Publishing, publishing most of Ed and other authors’ books for over 25 years.

“We don’t just reverse his old columns and how-to books,” she said. “Lighting and growth practices are constantly changing, so each book is updated with the times.”

His current efforts are Cannabis grower handbookIncludes an introduction by Steve D’Angelo, a forward by Tommy Chong, and an introduction by Angela Bacca, along with Dr. Robert Flannery and Angela Bacca. This is a magnificent and updated compilation of everything you need to know about cannabis cultivation, and some.

Ed has worked with many talented writers in this area for many years, including Angela Bacca, Ellen Holland and David Downs.

Regarding their lifespan in space, both Ed and Jane agree that plants are also related.

“We are in our 70s and we are very lucky not to take any medications,” Jane concludes. “Cannabis has removed steam from tension, anxiety and stress, all of which can cause illness, disability and psychological damage.”

In the classic form of Ed, he joked, “In addition to the relationship with Jane, cannabis is the longest-lasting relationship with women in my life.” As he said this, Jane laughed beside him.

Courtesy of Ed Rosenthal

Backyard weeds for all

Ed’s many years of work as an activist have been too numerous to name, and he has no intention of quitting yet. On the stage of the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) recently held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, he told an interesting audience: They said weeds lead to hard drugs, but everyone knows that weeds lead to hashes. “

“Ed has just launched a lifelong dream to reach the goal of helping people grow free backyard weeds for everyone,” Jane shared. “Currently, legalization of the United States is mostly national law, and we are focusing on POWs, or POWs.”

Ed’s Weed prisoner The book pack contains two of his books. Cannabis grower handbook When Ask Ed: Marijuana Success, And Seed Pack-Ed-approved genetics. 10% of the proceeds will go to the final prisoner of war project to support the release and financial support of prisoners.

“This is a real win-win-win,” Ed speculated. “After being attacked, I didn’t have to spend time, and I saw it as just another form of activism, but for the plants that many are now profitable for. People who are spending time are still there, and that’s wrong. Yesterday we need to change it. “

For more information on Ed edrosenthal.com

For more information on the final prisoner project, please visit: lastprisonerproject.org

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