Germany Releases Draft Bill For Cannabis Legalization

Germany Releases Draft Bill For Cannabis Legalization

Germany is slowly approaching a new era of cannabis legalization.

Last week, the country’s health ministry said: announced A bill that would detail new regulations for the personal use and cultivation of marijuana.

German policymakers pushed for reform of the country’s cannabis laws last year, a long-awaited move for Europe’s biggest economy.

release of draft legislation, The Ministry of Health explained that this is part of a “two-pronged model” to “legalize private cultivation for personal consumption by adults and joint non-commercial cannabis cultivation in growers associations.” .

according to forbes, The bill states that “adults over the age of 18 will be permitted to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow up to three plants for personal use.”

“However, within a radius of 200 meters of a person under the age of 18 ‘in the immediate vicinity’ of a school, children’s and youth facility, playground, public sports facility, pedestrian zone, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Consuming cannabis remains prohibited, and it is important to note that fines and criminal prosecutions will continue to be imposed for certain offenses.” forbes report.

The paper further noted that “the proposed legislation would allow the association to accept up to 500 members,” adding that “each member belonging to the association would … 25 grams per day for personal use, or per month. I am entitled to receive any of the 50 grams.”

In April, after meetings between German leaders and European Union officials, the country suggested that its cannabis reform would be significantly scaled back from its original goals.

The Associated Press reported At the time, “the German government revised the plan after consultation with the European Union Executive Committee.”

German Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir said EU law “defines limits that we must respect, but we can also say that we are pushing them.” As quoted by the Associated Press at the time,.

“Mr Lauterbach has long warned that the government will only proceed with its original plans if the EU gives it the go-ahead.” According to Associated Press. “Germany has made cannabis available as a prescription drug for some patients since 2017.”

An introductory guide posted on the company’s website states: The German Ministry of Health explained what would happen next in the process of enacting the bill.

“The bill will be passed by the Bundestag during the summer vacation. The agency is responsible for the final decision on the “This law does not require the approval of the Bundestag. Until then, cannabis will remain banned.”

The ministry also explained why the German government decided to amend the cannabis law.

“The federal government is of the opinion that the current drug policy against cannabis use is reaching its limits. ‘ said the official. “Consumption of cannabis obtained from the black market is often unreliable because it may contain unknown THC content, toxic mixtures, impurities, and synthetic cannabinoids whose potency cannot be estimated by the consumer. , are associated with increased health risks.The legislation aims to contribute to improving health protection, strengthening cannabis-related education and prevention, curbing organized drug crime, and enhancing the protection of children and adolescents. “To protect consumers, we need to control the quality of consumer cannabis and prevent the transfer of contaminants. There should be no incentives to expand cannabis use.”

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