Go Ahead and Pack Heat, But Not a Bowl

Go Ahead and Pack Heat, But Not a Bowl

At least I hope it’s hell when I’m sitting here typing this story from the safety of my bulletproof office. 106 Americans die every day in accidental encounters with bulletsSome of the casualties are gunned down by gutless rogues, others sadly turn their firepower upon themselves. , which seems to incorporate the dumbest tenets of the deep wooded hillbilly philosophy: shoot first, never ask questions. Even as, the red, white, and blue fabric of the government hood continues to be tattered, ripped, and blinded from decades of knockdown drag politics against its own country. A country with an abundance of God-fearing optimism.

After all, many of the victims of gun attacks actually survived, with only about 95 wounded out of the 316 bullets they received in a day, and the gun barrels that ended it all. 10 out of 74 people who have it in their mouth every day die. Transformed. The only remedy when guns go wrong in this country is to mourn, pray and repeat. And politicians refuse to sort out when it comes to all this boom-boom killing spree, leaving the rest to God and doing their best.

Rachel, a 33-year-old graphic designer living outside St. Louis, Missouri, says, high times“It seems like more criminals carry guns than anyone else. The scary thing is we don’t know anymore if just sitting on the verandah will kill them.”

Nonetheless, the country that has been called the greatest nation in the world is holding the trigger tight. it must. Why, since when did our good old U.S. ancestors think we needed to give every citizen the right to stuff heat, by God politicians are both corrupt and non-confrontational. But every citizen grabs a gun in their fist as soon as it emerges from the womb. Unfortunately, our gun-using society has officially lost its mind. What was intended as the right of self-defense (or, more controversially, the creation of a standing army rather than giving everyone the right to bear arms) was subsequently replaced by the dim arming of domestic terrorists. We are now angering the world with a timid, undisciplined, acne-faced pseudo-anarchist that has long ago destroyed schools at an unacceptable rate . The unarmed have become a minority.

You can’t even participate in an old-fashioned screaming game on the street. To say it’s the Wild West is an understatement. It’s like the Thunderdome. The corruption surrounding gun violence has experienced a 20% increase since 2019 and continues to spiral further into the depths of extreme strife. More than half of the countries now allow adults up to the age of 18 to carry concealed weapons. without it permission.

yes, without it.

Alabama is the latest state to make owning a gun as easy as catching a cold. It’s just one of many jurisdictions across the country where packing heat is now perfectly acceptable, subject to some restrictions, but don’t dare pack a bowl. Arkansas, Indiana States, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (and others) have relaxed their respective gun laws over the years, allowing people over the age of 18 (old enough to wipe their own butts). Forget the licensing process you once had to go through to procure a firearm. But strangely enough, these states want even their citizens, who are supposedly old enough to understand the basics of bathroom hygiene, to have the same liberties with regard to weeds. No. Those who get a little grass in these places can rest assured that courts are eagerly awaiting to make their lives a living hell. Regardless, if you are caught, you could face up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $6,000. Even if a cannabis criminal gets her wrist slapped, that doesn’t mean he or she will escape prison and get off with a polite warning.

Even at low levels of stigma, where prosecutors call for probation rather than jail time, people involved in marijuana offenses can attend drug and alcohol classes, perform community service, and waive their driver’s license privileges. may be forced to their trial period. That’s how a man grinds drug criminals to a pulp through the cogs of the system. All sorts of nagging regulations must be adhered to, including passing random drug tests. Cages are an alternative for those who don’t have the money to pay large state penalties for violating drug laws. Hey bro, pay or get locked up. your choice.

Even in a country where guns are widely accepted and the third most admired after God and country, cannabis use is still seen as a threat to public well-being. Even if some of the ill effects (legal or otherwise) of cannabis that have been reported over the years are true, a stoned society is far more at risk than a society armed for no reason. It is likely that there are few.

Some of the gray-haired slave owners in 1787, over a hard drink, wrote a document one evening saying that all people should have the right to keep and carry weapons. should i believe i get a free pass forever from here?

George Washington and the rest of the Constitution crew eventually learned that the gun industry had modified the musket used in the American Revolutionary War into a terrifying killing machine capable of firing 300 rounds of “Die you bastard, Die”. I didn’t expect it to change. minute. Not even the legislators who banned cannabis in 1937 could have made such predictions. I have achieved it. Some of which, if the Founding Fathers had known before they signed it, might have inspired them to build a giant paper plane for the Constitution. Spray kerosene directly onto the candle. Or they may have simply decreed: They’re going to screw it up anyway.

Moving forward more than 200 years, lawmakers in this tumultuous time have witnessed death and destruction, the absurdity of holding onto the pistol’s legacy, but the only thing they hold on to is the heavy hand is prohibition of cannabis. Let’s be clear, marijuana consumption doesn’t kill people. If it’s causing the death toll to rise, it’s ultimately to blame for the black market that persists through inconsistent state and federal drug laws.

Many gun advocates argue that law-abiding citizens are less inclined to commit crimes, and that arming them, even without a permit, poses no danger to society. It could be argued that these philosophies apply equally to the average cannabis consumer.Give them the right to buy and own marijuana just like alcohol. “I’ve never had a problem other than weed,” says Dimitri, 24, from Greenville, Indiana. “Without these stupid laws, I would have been considered an exemplary citizen.”

Meanwhile, law enforcement continues to rant about the dangers of legal marijuana. Some of the latest reports, like those we’ve read over the years, link legal weed to everything from increased violence to human trafficking. Boys in Blue also like to voice their concerns about the distribution of firearms related to the illegal marijuana trade. Much of it continues to thrive within the gray realm of legalization. An affinity for guns, legal or not, does not drive the American public’s appetite for guns. About 393 million weapons are now in the hands of American civilians, and three of his 10 adults claim to own a gun. All this equates to about 121 guns per 100 inhabitants. Gun control laws continue to weaken nationwide, and now young men barely out of diapers are freely allowed to keep firepower in their belts to replenish their testosterone, and anything that moves Fight or fuck anything. This is definitely a dangerous step into chaos.

“They should probably raise that age,” said Chris, a 48-year-old gun owner from Lexington, Kentucky. high times“I’ve seen young people get into trouble that probably wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t have guns. When we worked together a year ago, he looked like he was 21 and had a road rage case.” I showed him a pistol when I saw him, and the man was too hot-headed for his age. [the government] I will never change that. If you can’t have a gun until you’re 25, how can they say you can send a gun to war when you’re 18?”

Listen, I don’t like guns. I have never owned a gun and never felt the need to arm myself. And I, too, come from the rural Midwest, the redneck capital of the world. everyone has a gun At least in remote parts of the country, it was perfectly acceptable to go to school with a firearm in your car, provided it was equipped with a gun rack. The same student who was in the FFA showed up with a hunting rifle in tow, but no one dreamed of bringing it into the classroom and firing at other students. Even when a fistfight broke out in the parking lot after class, and it’s happened more times than I can count. Win or lose, everyone back then lived to fight another day.

Coming from this culture, I wasn’t the kind of guy who would interfere with anyone’s right to do anything.I don’t even own a firearm. If the gun was your thing, so is it. I didn’t want people to take away from me what I enjoyed, so being equally polite was a way to keep balance. Fair was fair. But that was before. Now, with easier gun control, more firearms are on the streets and in the wrong hands, and not everyone is as hesitant to get a gun as they used to be. At the same time, the federal government remains very reluctant to do more than offer cheap condolences on the country’s gun problem, even as states move in the opposite direction, and the national If we, as Americans, have to live in a country that is at risk of constantly staring at business purpose, we should. I never have We need to be concerned about the legal implications of owning adult plants that are legal in more than half of the country. Like it or not, times are changing and governments are responding accordingly. need to do it.

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    Dave , January 22, 2023 @ 1:13 pm

    The real dangerous step to chaos is defunding the police, as we see happening in all the democrat run cities. Gun violence amount most gun owners is very low, it’s mostly in the cities where it’s out of control.
    If we did away with guns, this country would get taken over by all the gangs and cartels that are only kept at bay because citizens can defend themselves.

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