GOP Lawmaker in Indiana Pushes Legalization Proposals

GOP Lawmaker in Indiana Pushes Legalization Proposals

Republican lawmakers in Indiana are pushing two bills to bring legal marijuana to Hoosier.

Republican Senator John Ford “recently signed into support this legislative session two bills related to cannabis and its potential future use in the state,” according to a local news station. WTWO/WAWV, The legislator said, “He wants to start these discussions … because the area he represents is on the border with Illinois, where recreational marijuana is legal.”

Ford said he was driven to support the measure after conversations with law enforcement members who said disagreements between Indiana and other neighboring states were causing chaos.

“It’s hard for law enforcement to see where we’re in trouble, so I really wanted to support the bill so that we could have that debate.” Ford told WTWO/WAWV.

Ford drafted two bills with two Democrats.

Senate Bill 336 Establish a “procedure for the legal production and sale of cannabis in Indiana.”

Senate Bill 377, On the other hand, we establish that:

“Allows the use of cannabis by (1) persons over the age of 21; (2) persons determined by their physician to have a serious medical condition; establishes an adult marijuana excise tax; Requires retailers to transfer taxes to the State Department of Revenue for deposit into the fund Exempts veterans from paying sales tax on medical or adult-use cannabis Holders of valid permits Establish a cannabis program that permits the cultivation, processing, testing, transportation, and sale of cannabis by Establishing the Indiana Cannabis Commission (ICC) as the state agency to oversee, administer, and enforce the program, and to monitor the effectiveness of the program Establishes an ICC Advisory Panel to review Permit holders are required to take steps to prevent the diversion of cannabis to unauthorized persons Cannabis and cannabis products must be properly labeled , must be in child-safe packaging and tested by an independent testing agency before it can be purchased Prohibits packaging cannabis in a manner that appeals to children Regulations set by the ICC We authorize research on cannabis in accordance with: Establish procedures for expunging cannabis-related convictions if the conduct constituting the conviction is legalized;

However, neither bill is likely to be enacted this year.

Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcombe previously said the state was not keen on legalizing marijuana ahead of the federal government.

“The law that needs to change is federal law.” Holcomb said in 2021“Recreational and medical use is now illegal. There are states that ignore that law. It has to change.”

But last year, after President Joe Biden announced that he would grant a pardon to all individuals convicted of federal cannabis, Holcomb said Indiana would not follow the White House’s precedent.

“The president should work with Congress, not around Congress, to discuss changes to federal law. Especially if you’re doing it,” Holcomb said at the time. “Until these federal law changes are in place, we cannot in good conscience give a blanket pardon to all such offenders.”

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