Guyana Authorities Seize Weed Shipment from the U.S.

Guyana Authorities Seize Weed Shipment from the U.S.

People all over the world are getting high, including in the tiny South American country of Guyana.

Last week, Guyanese customs officials intercepted and seized a box of cannabis shipped from the United States.

The Customs and Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), the South American country’s premier drug enforcement agency, said in a statement that its officials said, “On January 20, 2023, a suspicious package of cannabis was found in a box shipped from United. I was contacted after I received my order,” said Muneshwar, a delivery limited state.

“CANU officers arrived at the scene and conducted an additional search before obtaining the box,” the agency said in a statement. Facebook“The box was then taken to CANU headquarters in the presence of a shipping company employee who found it.

The Customs and Anti-Narcotics Division said an investigation into the package was underway.

Despite the ubiquity of marijuana in Guyana’s temperate climate, the government takes a tough stance on the weed, strictly banning its cultivation, sale and possession.

Courtesy of CANU

by Guyana standard, Last year, the Customs and Anti-Narcotics Division “conducted several raids and was able to clear 3,403.68 kilograms of drugs, worth $1.1 billion from the streets.”

“This represents a 68.26% increase compared to 2,022.88 kilograms of narcotics worth $634 million in 2021,” the outlet said. report“In 2022, there will be 24 cocaine, 80 cannabis, 4 ecstasy and 2 methamphetamine cases.”

On the same day as the seizure of cannabis packages in Muneshwar, the Customs Anti-Drug Unit announced The woman “was sentenced to $53.1 million in prison and fined $53.1 million by Justice Leron Daley after admitting to possessing 59 kg of cannabis for trafficking purposes.”

by Guyana standard, The country’s government “has invested millions of dollars in its security sector to provide Guyana with a safe and secure environment.” This will include “purchasing a vehicle for the Guyanese Police Force (GPF), training a police officer and allocating her $500,000 to Customs. .”

According to law enforcement officials, CANU was “established by cabinet decision in 1994 and implemented in August 1995.” website.

“The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act 1988 was amended in 1999 to facilitate the unit’s legitimate operation and to give it the same enforcement powers as the Guyanese Police Force,” the site explains. “In April 2001, Guyana and the United States signed the Shiprider Agreement to suppress illicit traffic by sea and air. It is intended to reduce the ability to escape and strengthen Guyana’s maritime law enforcement capacity.On July 23, 2003, Congress passed the Maritime Drug Trafficking (Suppression) Bill of 2003.[d] A legal framework for implementing the provisions of international, hemispheric, regional and bilateral agreements of which Guyana is a part. The agency also works with INTERPOL, one of the coordinators of the world’s largest drug prevention agencies. The Narcotics Division also plays an active role in the World Customs Organization. The governments of Guyana and Colombia have signed an agreement to allow Guyanese law enforcement officers to receive anti-narcotics training. ”

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