Heated Debate Erupts on Reddit Over Weed Etiquette at Concerts

Heated Debate Erupts on Reddit Over Weed Etiquette at Concerts

Reddit director popular subreddit r/Am I a bastard? The community has begun to go viral after igniting a heated debate: Should concert-goers at apparently stoner-friendly concerts refrain from smoking if pregnant women are in the crowd, or Pregnant women shouldn’t be there in the first place if there is passive smoking. Responses and opinions about acceptable behavior may surprise you.

“I went to see a concert yesterday.” Redditor u/Vegetable_River_255 Posted on Sunday. “The band I was watching has a very heavy drag scene associated with it.

The user continued, “About 10 minutes into the first set I had my joints on fire and about 5 minutes later my husband complained about his wife’s pregnancy. I told them it was a show. You came here, you can choose to leave.He tried to cause a ruckus but I ignored them both and danced so nothing happened.”

Apparently, the user’s roommate seems to have taken the side of the pregnant woman. “I mentioned this to my roommate today and she told me that smoking next to a pregnant woman is a jerk.”

“Aita [Am I the asshole] here? ‘ asked the Redditor.

she knows report About a Redditor’s “brazen admission” to smoking near a pregnant woman “without regard to her health or consent.” After all, the Surgeon General advises against using cannabis among mothers.

Most mothers in the thread agreed and seemed surprised that such a question would even be posed. stood up and said his mother should have known better than to go to such a concert.

Chaos continues on Reddit

User responses were quite different, highlighting how differently people view our responsibilities as smokers.

Yes YTA [you’re the asshole]WaywardPrincess1025 replied and has over 35,000 upvotes at the time of writing. “You shouldn’t smoke in your seat like that….double the YTA if you do it next to a pregnant woman. But if I were her, I’d walk away or call security to move you.” Let’s see. Her and her baby’s health are more important than the concert.”

Others suggested staying away from the woman first before lighting the fire, so no problem.

“I smoke weed and cigarettes, but honestly I don’t care what the rules are. It’s about consent,” Temporary Tie-233 replied. “Secondhand smoke is harmful and harmful. The sane thing is to stay away from everyone when you smoke something. Anyone who chooses to expose themselves can follow.”

However, some people stand by the original poster.

“I’m going to vote against it, but I don’t care,” replied the pregnant Semama. “As a pregnant woman, I know better than to go to a concert and expect people not to get into things. made the choice to go there, I might have moved somewhere else if she didn’t like it, but where would you go at a concert without pot? , is it okay for pregnant women to attend concerts strongly associated with pot (think fish)?

Some people agree with Semma.

“National Tax Agency [Not the Asshole] I think it’s a Fish/Grateful Dead band. Basically, people are guaranteed to smoke everywhere in the venue, so if a woman is worried about smoke, she shouldn’t go to such a show.

Others took a neutral stance and suggested consuming food ahead of time or smoking an e-cigarette in the parking lot. You can get stoned at the show without it, and everyone will be happy.

“Puff some edible smoke before you go in, and go outside with an e-cigarette if you want. These days, there are so many options besides forcing someone else or their unborn child to inhale.” I have.”

The debate rages on.

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