In States Where It’s Legal, Most People Get Their Weed From the Store

In States Where It’s Legal, Most People Get Their Weed From the Store

More than half of cannabis consumers in states where cannabis is legal get their products in stores, according to newly released survey data.

investigation, This is provided via New Frontier Data. In states where adult marijuana use is legal, “52% of current consumers say brick-and-mortar dispensing pharmacies are their primary source, and dealers are their primary source.” was found to be only 6%.

According to the survey, “43% [all] Consumers today say brick-and-mortar pharmacies are their primary source of cannabis, compared to 34% in 2022, who say “dealers are their primary source today.” 10% of the population are on board, down from 13% in 2022.”

“Interestingly, 29% of current consumers in the illicit market say their primary source of information is also a brick-and-mortar dispensing pharmacy, while 17% say they use dealers. This is because 42% of consumers said they sourced their cannabis from out of state, so even if it’s an illegal market, consumers are looking to get their cannabis from regulated sources. It means you’re traveling across state lines,” he said. New Frontier Data Chief Knowledge Officer Amanda Reiman writes: According to the survey analysis,.

Dozens of states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized recreational cannabis for adults, and the wave of normalization has made the cannabis shopping experience akin to running into a drugstore or supermarket.

Mr Lehman said: “In many ways and in many places, cannabis has become another errand on the way home from work.”

“It is not only cannabis sourcing that is beginning to mimic traditional commerce, but the reasons why consumers choose certain sources are also consistent with the mainstream. Product quality, product selection, price, knowledgeable staff and convenient location are the main reasons people choose grocery stores (location, price, product selection, product quality). , friendly and knowledgeable staff,” Lehmann wrote.

“The last remaining ban that our procurement data reveals is the reason why consumers choose the same company over and over again: familiarity. Nearly 20 years ago, when I surveyed medical cannabis patients and asked this question about their favorite medical cannabis dispensaries, familiarity was also a top reason. During that time, getting cannabis was a regulated process: what you can say, what you can’t say, how to properly pay and how to contact dealers, all with the risk of arrest. , knowing exactly what was expected of them was part of the process, and in some ways that anxiety continues to affect legalization for many consumers, who are buying in the legal market. Despite the fact that the I expect that sex will fade away and other reasons for loyalty (convenient location, knowledgeable staff, product selection) will become more important to consumers.”

Lyman added, “As more legal markets move online, the number of consumers sourcing products from brick-and-mortar pharmacies will continue to grow, and consumers in illegal markets will be able to access legal stores. It will be,” he added. As with other areas of commerce, location, product selection and staff drive the business of dispensing pharmacies, and consumers will relax into this new reality of cannabis as a consumer packaged product. ”

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