Irish Lawmaker Files Cannabis Legalization Bill

Irish Lawmaker Files Cannabis Legalization Bill

Last week, Irish MPs introduced a bill to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. The bill was introduced on Thursday by Gino Kenny, MP known as Teachta Dála (TD) and a member of Ireland’s People Before Profit political party. If passed, the bill would legalize personal use of up to 7 grams of cannabis and 2.5 grams of cannabis resin.

Kenny’s bill would amend Ireland’s substance abuse laws, which have been in place since the 1970s, and apply to adults aged 18 and over. Kenny said he expects further discussion on the proposed bill next year.

“The bill is fairly modest. It modifies an existing law that dates back 42 years.” kenny said During a recent debate in the House of Commons of the Irish Parliament, Doyle Eirand. “Forty-two years is a very long time.

“I hope the government will support this bill,” he continued. “It’s timely. Various models are being considered in different parts of the world that do not criminalize people and take a harm reduction approach. I look forward to the discussion.”

Lawmakers Say Criminalization Doesn’t Work

In an editorial describing the law published on November 24, Kenny said that “current laws on criminalization do not work” and many countries in Europe and beyond have either reformed their cannabis policies or are in the process of doing so. Said there was.

is the text of invoice Kenny says it is “legal” for adults over the age of 18 to possess up to seven grams of cannabis use, calling the law a decriminalization measure. Legislators said the bill would fix Ireland’s failed policy of outright banning cannabis.

“[E]Even though it’s illegal in Ireland, we see cannabis use on the rise. Ireland has one of the highest rates of cannabis use in the EU. ” written by kenny“Almost 30% of Irish adults aged 15 to 64 say they have used cannabis at least once in their lifetime, and 17% of the adult population have used cannabis in the last 12 months. , which is more than double the European average of 7%.”

Lawmakers said under the proposal criminal penalties for low-level cannabis possession would be eliminated, but the plant would remain illegal. This means that the illegal market will continue to be the source of cannabis for most consumers.

Kenny’s bill is likely to revitalize the debate over cannabis reform in Ireland, but whether it succeeds is another question. ireland independence.

“I think we need to be careful not to glorify cannabis because there is genuine concern in the health and medical community about the effects of cannabis on young people.” He saidhe added he supports a more healthcare-based approach to addiction and warned of the potential harm posed by cannabis.

“We want a system that decriminalizes in the sense that it’s there to help people facing problems with toxic substances such as cannabis,” Martin said. “Cannabis can seriously harm young people too, and many in the medical community have told me so. have strongly supported the

Medical cannabis is legal in Ireland, but each patient must obtain a permit from the country’s Ministry of Health. Kenny said his proposal would end the ban on cannabis for all users, a position supported by his party.

“People Before Profit is completely against the criminalization of cannabis users,” he wrote in an op-ed. “We believe the ban should be ended and proper research into the benefits of regulation should be conducted by an agency independent of corporate influence.”

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