Irish Police Seize More Than 250 Pounds of Weed

Irish Police Seize More Than 250 Pounds of Weed

Police in the Republic of Ireland announced this week that law enforcement officers have seized more than 250 pounds of cannabis as part of an ongoing effort to target organized criminal activity in the Dublin area.and statement Garda (Irish National Police), who were released on Tuesday, said two men were arrested in the seizure and are being held pending further investigation.

The seizure was carried out as part of an ongoing investigation related to Operation Tara, a Garda campaign targeting serious organized criminal activity in the Dublin area. On Monday, officers intercepted two of his vehicles in Talat, a suburb of the capital, and searched a house in nearby Noklion. The action resulted in the seizure of approximately 120 kilograms (approximately 265 pounds) of cannabis. According to law enforcement, the estimated street value of cannabis he has is more than €2 million ($2.1 million).

“Agents attached to the Garda National Drug Organized Crime Bureau (GNDOCB), assisted by the Special Crimes Task Force (SCTF), intercepted two vehicles in the Talat area and searched a residential area in the Noklion area. .” A spokesperson for Garda said in a statement to the media. “During the course of these searches, 120kg of cannabis with an estimated street sale value of €2.4m was seized.”

Police said two men in their 40s had been arrested in connection with the seizure of illegal cannabis. The man is currently in custody on drug trafficking charges as the investigation continues. Weeds seized in the operation were sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

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public opposes ban

Garda announced the seizure on social media, Twitter post That agency is “#KeepingPeopleSafe”. However, other users on the platform questioned the public safety value of policing.

“Safe from what?” asked one Twitter user. “there will be [have] After a few joints it was a few lads heading to the shop for hunger but do we really need to be safe from it or a bigger and more serious offense that should be kept safe from the start Do you think there is

Those commenting on social media also disputed the estimated value of the seized cannabis provided by law enforcement, suggesting the figure given was ten times the actual value of the seized cannabis. I’m here.

“In Canada, where cannabis is legal, regulated and taxed, this 120kg is worth about C$400,000, 5% of which goes to the government in taxes,” a Twitter user commented. “It’s also a much better package than it is! CAD $400,000 is about €250,000, or 10% of its valuation.”

Weed legalization bill under consideration

The seizures of illegal marijuana in Ireland this week came amid renewed debate over cannabis bans in the country. Gino Kenny has proposed a bill that would legalize personal possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis and 2.5 grams of cannabis concentrate. use.

“The bill is fairly modest. It modifies an existing law that dates back 42 years.” kenny said During a November debate in Doyle Eirand, the lower house of the Irish Parliament. “Forty-two years is a very long time.

“I hope the government will support this bill,” he continued. “It’s timely. Various models are being considered in different parts of the world that do not criminalize people and take a harm reduction approach. I look forward to the discussion.”

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