Jamaica Officials Advocate for Support of Small Scale Cannabis Cultivation

Jamaica Officials Advocate for Support of Small Scale Cannabis Cultivation

Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce recently spoke out to support small cannabis farmers.according to Jamaica ObserverThe Alternative Development Program (ADP) is seen as one of the best ways to help small-scale cannabis growers enter the legal industry, according to Secretary of State Dr Norman Dunn.

“ADP is a community-centric approach, where participating communities are allowed to cultivate up to 10 acres of land. [and] At the April 20th event at Island Village in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Dunn will sell all output from the program to authorized downstream buyers or licensed cannabis licensing authorities (CLA). must be sold to .

Alternatively, the Cultivator Migration Special Permit also helps remove the barriers to entry for cultivators. Dunn describes the permit as “less stringent,” giving growers a temporary opportunity to grow legally while also raising funds to send an official license application to the CLA. The “motherfarm” concept allows small growers to partner with already licensed growers to grow cannabis and sell it to licensed parties.

“Recently, the ministry hosted several stakeholder meetings within the sanctioned scheme to discuss industry-related issues and plan the sustainable development of this important industry.” dan added“We at the Department of Industry, Investment and Commerce continue to meet and engage with stakeholders across Jamaica from within a variety of communities across academia, medical research, business and government … that will help shape Jamaica’s unique cannabis industry. It will move you forward.”

Other government representatives, including Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Minister Olivia Grange, have expressed the need to regulate and modernize the cannabis industry. With the approach Dunn mentioned, Grange believes it can help remove the stigma of cannabis and allow the herb to “become the foundation of a new Jamaican industry that could make a significant contribution to the national budget.”

according to Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, there are 128 smallholder farmers who can benefit from the mother farm concept. In March, Jamaican Senator Aubyn Hill explained that the goal is to be able to start the program this April. “If you look around Jamaica … there are people with 1 acres, 2 acres, 3 acres of land, but they have no working capital. explained. “So we are definitely finding ways to mitigate some of the problems. We are looking at very real ways to boost the growth of medical cannabis in Jamaica.”

The development of ADP 2017In an interview with Jamaica ObserverCLA Chair Hyacinth Lightbourne expressed the need to help smallholder farmers. So if traditional farmers are left out, one of the fundamental reasons for developing this industry has failed,” Lightbourne said.

Jamaican officials are working to help small growers, but a recent news report in March suggested that Jamaica recently granted a license to a company planning to import cannabis from Canada. The decision raised concerns from officials such as CLA Rear Admiral Hadley Lewin over the nature of the new license. “I have brought this to the attention of our members and the industry.” Lewin said“And also to the CLA. I made a lot of noise about it.”

In response, Minister Hill said cannabis imported from Canada is not available in Jamaica. “It’s a Jamaican company…they have to follow the rules laid down by law…the ganja strains that are being imported are not available in Jamaica. It depends on what license you have. Growing licenses. Some have it, some test it, some retail it…” said Hill. jamaican greener.

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