Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #32: Thai Emeralds

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #32: Thai Emeralds

December was a turbulent month. After scouring the streets of Bangkok for heat, attending his Dank Tank premiere at the Harvest Ball, and attending his many holiday parties, I’m exhausted. I usually use the second half of his December to try and recover and prepare for next year, but it doesn’t really work. This year was no exception. I don’t understand why people think the holidays are relaxing.

But Thailand was wild! I’m working on an article covering our adventure, which you can read over the next month, but the bottom line is that the country is embracing legalization like never before. In front of the pharmacy is a stand-alone kiosk for buying weed, and there are trucks selling weed like ice cream trucks on each block. I don’t pretend they have the best quality yet, but they are into it and I love to see it. There are a few picks to lead, as well as some gems I found while attending the Harvest Ball. Jimi & I went there the day after I returned home. Talk about overbooking.

(Also, P.S. sorry to everyone I met that weekend. It was a whirlwind and I was still getting off the plane medicine so I don’t remember much but enough to properly interact with you. I’m sure I didn’t have the time.. I won’t make that mistake again – I’m off all 2023 :))

Anyway, I just turned 33 last week and felt symbolic, so I was hoping to get two more of these out before the year is over, but that’s unlikely to happen. To begin with, this is my lucky number. If there’s anything you think should be included, or if you just want to talk about one of my picks on this or the previous list, hit me on twitter And let’s hash it!

thai stick

Jimi Devine with the original Thai stick – Courtesy of Derek Fukuhara, High Rise

If you’ve been interested in this culture for a while, you’ve probably heard the Thai stick legend. Some of the first sativas to proliferate in the state, Thai sticks were basically Thai brick weed versions of the time. Borrowed and smuggled to every corner of the world, they are something of an urban legend today. It turned out to be an elusive delicacy. In fact, most of the pharmacy guys we asked told us to let them know if they found one that met their consumption needs. It may not be entirely obvious from our looks, but we found it, the man who’s been packing them for nearly 60 years. , you know he’s there. So are modern sticks.

Courtesy of Derek Fukuhara of High Rise

I try very hard not to duplicate picks that other journalists have already written. Dr. Dopethe double dog 12 strains of Christmas piece for LA Weekly I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the best weed I’ve found in my clinic in Bangkok. It was the heat I grew up with. In fact, we saw trichomes on this, which weren’t as common as one would expect in developing markets. It was also a great place.

plant pier

Courtesy of Erin Coffee of High Rise

This is a destination, not a product, but if you want a truly unique weed experience (especially in Thailand), you should go to Plant Pier ‘Weed City’ on Khaosan Road. Basically a weed strip mall, this shopping center has a labyrinth of pharmacies and consumption lounges to buy and consume. They also have a nice open air smoking patio where you can converse with other shop customers. It’s wild that no one seems to mind having 100s of the same type of store in Asia, but it was a surprise to me. That said, this is a very unique place. Everyone can have their own taste without compromise.

Courtesy of Casta

At a party, detailed in the last entry on this list, an internet local friend showed us some of his underground growing up.I can honestly say that this is the best weed I’ve seen and I think it was actually grown in Thailand, but I had no experience with traditional pharmacies. said there is and it is called CastaThe group also says the cut is called Nam Wah, which is a cross of Banana OG and Mimosa from Symbiotic Genetics.loud again boss For pulling us to the party!

Courtesy of Truffle

Let’s start by saying that Truffle now takes the branding game to a new level. The faux-leather-stitched Mylar wasn’t quite what I was expecting to see, but it feels like a better compromise than most of the fancy bag attempts I’ve seen recently. It has a more luxurious feel than Mylar. Also, I’m sure it’s more expensive, but I’m curious to see how the weeds last longer in this porch. As far as marketing goes, though, the weeds in the bag are actually up to par.

Courtesy of my iPhone

every time i see something new tortoise We know it’s going to be a hit on the streets, but their latest Purple Sticky Rice is taking it to a whole new level. It was some of the sweetest nugs I’ve ever hit my nostrils. And I’m not just including this for Asian nods. , you know how the market loves it! I’m not entirely sure if this is still on the market as I’ve only seen tasters so far, but if I get the chance Please make use of it.

Courtesy of life is not grapes

you’ve heard me rave Rin There’s no need to explain how good his production skills and brand design have been since then. You already know it’s top notch. Guys, have you tried his new Runtz x Gusher cross yet?Let me tell you, I’m writing home about it. With all the sweet firepower you’d expect from two strains, the most popular of the last decade, LING got something really special with this one of his.

Courtesy of Spumarack

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with this. I don’t know if he’s a brand or if he’s just setting fire, but what I can guarantee is that he definitely does. , their Kalya dinner (Jimi and I had just gotten off the plane and back in the states). (into my lungs). I don’t know if he’s a complete brand, so I don’t know how much this flower will be available, but if you’re in the bay and hear someone talking about a grower with a strange name (i.e. spuma rack?), maybe it’s this buddy. If so, you are in luck, young Padawan.

Courtesy of Flytrap

These guys are making a fuss in Florida and have been asked more about gumbo than almost any other breed in recent history… in the southeast.I was lucky to catch super fly When El Tai When I came back from the bay (shout out to the trapper’s choice, Jet Suite X!), they beat me to some of their latest harvest and carte blanche. This is the best weed I’ve seen come out of Florida.

Courtesy of Shervinsky

Felipe presented this to us at Dank Tank Jimi and I hosted at Harvest Ball. For a guy who’s repeatedly said he loves gelato, his new collaboration with the creator himself, Sherbinski, has rekindled my heart. Love. This Apples & Bananas x Gelato 41 cross, while natural, couldn’t be dialed in with additives when experimenting with flavors. It has apple and banana notes, and you can taste that sweet candy finish that gelato is famous for. And it’s smokin’ too! While not as knockout as many gelato varieties, this is a great sunset smoke.

Bonus: Thai Lasagna

Courtesy of Tropicana Cafe

If you get the chance, try the Thai Lasagna. I’ve been dreaming of these strange things.when I went to visit Tropicana, after tasting their products, the gang let us know they prepared lunch if we were hungry. I knew one of the owners had lived in Italy for years (he had style, as you can tell). I didn’t know he was half Italian. Not going to lie, I didn’t expect to have a feast of lasagna and curry, but boy did I stay home. In my opinion it was the best hospitality I have experienced in Thailand. I’ll talk more about this in an article I’m working on, “The Gang Goes to Bangkok,” but for now, know that I ate almost an entire lasagna by myself.

Connection Bonus: Pandey

Courtesy of Pandey

I’m adding this as a connection bonus. Pandey, Thailand travel guide, I’m not straight up when I say this was my favorite shop I saw in Bangkok. The store itself isn’t that big, but it’s part of a larger footprint that sells food, drinks, and even booze, and has a small patio in the middle where everyone can enjoy it all together. Not only is it a nice setup, but it looks insane because it’s wrapped in this iridescent translucent glass on the outside. Oliver hosted a party for us at the store while we were there. You’ll end up checking in whenever you’re in town.

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