Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #46: Smoking the Whole Menu

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #46: Smoking the Whole Menu

Or am I the only one who feels like 2024 is already better than 2023? Things seem to be moving quickly, even though it's slow season everywhere. For the first time in recent memory, the general sentiment seems to be positive. Los Angeles may be silver and gray these days, but the energy is high, and so was I. I also stopped smoking. It's definitely not a weed. It didn't save my spirit – in fact, I truly believe that everyone who said quitting was the best thing they ever did was lying to my face – but I am. I say this to say to all the people who were up in arms when I quit that this piece from a few months ago can push it away – this is how I don't smoke weed. I feel exactly the same way when I'm trying to. But unfortunately, those are negative emotions and we are in a positive era. lol I spend too much time online.

Anyway, this edition has something for everyone, from the enthusiast boy to the budget-minded.early this month aster club As I open the door to a new journey in LA, I'm finding there are some nods to some of the brands available there and some of the hard-to-find bottles you guys have been asking me about. Remember, just because you see me posting something cool on Instagram doesn't mean it's good. But if it's listed below, that means I really believe it's elite, for whatever reason.

As always, feel free to Please contact me and let me know Something new that you're excited about or something that you don't like right now. It's always fun on that side too!

Provided by: Omakase

This is something I've been hearing a little bit about right boy P is here goat People have been telling me for months that this is the best smoke on the market, and now that I finally have a bottle, I'm happy to report that this is more than just hype. Leave it to me We're thinking of something special here. As its name suggests, the variety is branded as a course rather than just a strain name, but the back label explains what you're about to enjoy more than any other brand I've seen. will help you. Grown in living soil under just four lights, Course 1, also known as Yuzu, is a hybrid of Tropicanna Cookies and Orange Zkittles, and is as vibrant as you might imagine when you hear its parent's name. Masu. I know I'm a little divided about citrus, but let me tell you this: this shit is like sunshine in a joint. It rocks your senses, stains your palate, and the high is one of my favorites in recent memory. The appetizers were delicious and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the rest of this meal is like.

Provided by: Harvest Moon Gardens

This is another one of those incredibly elusive small producers, but one that consistently receives rave reviews from those in the know. At that time a few months ago, Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon He told me he was working on a life-changing batch of Z's, and I'll admit I was a little skeptical. That's a bold claim. How great is it for a man who loves Z to change my life? Friends, I'm happy to report where he's coming from. Because he's almost like a recreation of Z. Not only can you taste how clean it is, but there's a new almost menthol-like texture in the middle of the flavor. It's like an adult version of the original, with a little less sweetness. This is worthy of a Hall of Flame if you can get your hands on it.

Provided by: Fidel

Known around the world as the man who brought hash holes to the masses. Fidel's will raise the bar again with the upcoming 1/1 line. In a world where everyone is trying to recreate that atmosphere and emotion, Fidel's new role aims to do just the opposite: provide a brand new experience every time. These can manifest in different ways, but the general idea is: All available rolls contain a different combination of flower and hash to provide a unique flavor and high. This means each roll contains multiple flavors (sometimes flavors from both ingredients). In contrast to a single core, there are multiple hash drops, and the order in which they are reached is different. There may be a blend of flower or hash in the mix. And how the hash blends into the flower means every roll is unique, offering a flavor combination you'll never experience again. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the market takes these as they launch next month. Between the limited nature of what they're offering and the cult favorite Fidels has amassed, I predict these will be this year's hot ticket. If the way people line up to get a shot at his personal roll is any measure, these people will move quickly.

Provided by Wonder Bullet

Long recognized as LA's Flavor King, wonder bullethas delivered another hit with its latest Kush Cola. To me, it's almost more like a cherry cola than a regular old cola, but the crazy thing about this cola is that the taste almost mimics the carbonation in your mouth when you're drinking it. It's a smooth, clean burn, so I'm not saying it crackles or pops in your mouth – this isn't a spray pack – but the taste is almost exactly Cherry Coke and I love it. For Coca-Cola fanatics like you, that's a very attractive selling point. For someone like me who doesn't get excited about soda flavors, the fact that this is authentic Kush is worth nothing. So unlike Soddy Boy's caffeine, this one mellows out quickly.It's also worth noting that Brett has released seeds with his new company that combine some of this birdseed geneticsSo if you have a green thumb, this is great content to dig into!

Provided by: Parley

for the past few months parlay It quickly became one of the most sought-after smokes for me. This time last year I didn't even know they existed, but now I burn through their gear several times a week, if not every day. Last time I mentioned them it was about Mochi Latti, who is still one of my favorites of the brand, and his take on biscotti is currently in my top five of the night. That's one. But I'm here today to talk about this fire collaboration he dropped with my dog. joey columbo. Called Street Credit, it's Parlay's Candy Fumez, which has made quite a splash in its own right over the past year. And it's adorned with this crazy piece that Joey put together for branding. Well, I started this story by telling you how much fun I enjoy smoking their products, but I'll end it by telling you that it's so bad that I have empty Mylar on my shelf. Masu.

Provided by: Uk Sauce Winery

The other day I was looking through the archives of this column, trying to see when I last wrote about it. ook sauce So I realized I've never actually made any criticisms of their own here. So let me start with the swearing. Because I love them and they deserve it for a long time. First of all, from the moment I heard their names, I was excited for them. I mean, walk sauce?! Come on. Is there a better nickname for concentrate? Even if there is, I've never heard of it. First of all, I love the word “Wook”. I think we should wear it as a badge of honor (like WEIRDOS? ;)) So this word speaks to me on many levels, but I don't want you to jump down my throat. Before you shout, I'm just talking about the shout branding, let me tell you, their hash is elite in every way. Their new Bop Gun, which is their only source on the product, is just crazy. Terp is a mixture of sweet lemon and something like paint thinner, the kind that makes your eyes widen just by smelling it and you can feel the backs of your eyes before you can even finish exhaling. I know I don't need to mention the awards they've won or how good they are as real people, but I still think the details are important.

courtesy archives

Speaking of that, aster club First off, one of my favorite parts about going to a club is the crazy amount of heat you always get from it. archive Friends. I don't go to Oregon that often, but they're always pumping out a ton of new gear that bucks the trends in the major markets, or at least here in Los Angeles, it's what moves the needle, so it's good to know. is difficult. Keep your finger on their pulse. Now that Astor has set up shop in his LA location, I'll be learning more information. And it's already begun. At the opening I was able to taste his three of their new rosin phenos. I know they're not labeled properly, but I won't. I don't want to share any wrong information, but they were all wonderful, unique, and unexpected expressions.I have to give a shout out to my buddy too. matt jackson For them to let me know what happened in the past. The last time we played together, he gave me a super rare Oishi x Sour D cross that blew my door off. I'll probably never see that cross again, but I'll keep dreaming of it!

Provided by: Do the Dash

We're happy to see another brand that's been making waves for a while now living up to its hype.people said to me dash I have a similar selection of bags to Metro Bloomin', but when I held his Apollo 41 in my hands, they seemed to be telling the truth. Because this is his very special rendition of one of the most popular strains in recent history. That said, unlike a lot of things you can find on the streets these days, this one has the almost warmth of the original that excited so many of us back in the day. I can't wait to explore this catalog further and see what else he does.

By: Lyfesauce

life sauce They've been breeding a ton of new varieties in the lab over the past few months, and after checking out some of them over the past few weeks, I have to say they've got some serious new varieties. yeah. My favorite of the new varieties is Orange Charb x OZK x Gastro Pop, which has a great orange flavor (lots of citrus this month!). Deathdream x Capretor is also very flavorful, nice and clean and productive. We don't know when these will hit the streets, but when you see them, this guy is two must-see cops!

Provided by: AJ's Flower Co

I first learned of their existence at an event last year. Jimi's At the Transbay Challenge event, and a few months later, I went to check on their growth here in Los Angeles. And I have to say, for a brand that has primarily focused on bulk so far, they have a very good and consistent smoke. They seem to be producing a ton of flavors right now, so I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what they have in their portfolio, but I really liked their Cherbacho Sweet Tea. This seemed to surprise some of the team. That being said, I like smoking their LCG – you all know that's saying a lot for me. There is one more thing worth noting!

Provided by: Cutie Lil Glass

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I have never been a big fan of stained glass, but everything changed when I saw new works of stained glass. cutie lil grass in cooperation with bird and mouse glass last week. A twist on Michelangelo's “The Creation of Adam” with various pieces of smoking paraphernalia, a mirror decorated with Bic, and other pieces, Photo Glass quickly became my favorite cop of the year. Both names are new to me, so I'm looking forward to watching them grow and hopefully scooping up more cool and unique culturally inspired art.

Provided by: Liquid Death

I've been obsessed with tote bags lately. Honestly, it's strange because I don't like tote bags, but even though I prefer something like a body strap to a handle, this is another bag that I feel I have to get. It's sold as a tote bag that the government doesn't want you to experience, but it feels like the type of thing you'd want to have for a variety of psychedelic experiences.Featuring artwork by cat dirtythis probably isn't something a normal person would pick up on a trip to the grocery store, but on the other hand, I like to make things uncomfortable.

I added the nepotism tag here because I'm hosting it, but if you happen to be within driving distance of Sacramento in early February, please join us for our first annual national convention. delicious pizza Day is scheduled to perform live with hella dank on the 9th from a currently undisclosed location. Stacked with multiple pizzerias, immersive jars, and as many Italians talking with their hands as possible, this will be an unforgettable memory, family!Tickets featuring Zack Woods, Planta, White Ash, Surf's Up, CGO and many more available now ~Take a bite and light up the royal capital!

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