Kellyanne Conway Connects Weed With ‘Overdose Deaths’ in Pennsylvania Race Discussion

Kellyanne Conway Connects Weed With ‘Overdose Deaths’ in Pennsylvania Race Discussion

Absurdity, sillyness, and all manner of shit took place on the bigoted cable news circuit this week. Don’t joke or mention weed because ‘overdose deaths’ are doubling down, former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said in so many words fox news Monday.

Democratic Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman will face off against prominent Republican physician Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s hotly contested U.S. Senate election this fall. From the beginning, Fetterman has been outspoken about his pro-marijuana stance.

Dr. Oz, on the other hand, is both harder to tell apart. denounce the legalization of adult use Marijuana in Pennsylvania Safer than some prescription drugsThe current stance does not exactly match previous episodes. doctor oz showwhen he was called medical marijuana “put forward” years ago.Doctor Oz Now say it wrong Legalization leads to higher unemployment.

yes fox news Tapped Conway for commentary on the Sept. 26 race, and Conway didn’t let her base down.

“He hoisted a marijuana flag. He thought it was funny. He’s trolling his opponents.” Conway said of Fetterman’s recent comments. Overdose deaths doubled in Pennsylvania during his tenure through 2021. Fentanyl is ubiquitous in every corner of the state.”

What fentanyl has to do with marijuana is everyone’s best guess.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Cannabis alone has never been documented for a fatal overdose. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also say A cannabis overdose is “unlikely.”

Fentanyl is a whole different storyIn 2021, a total of 107,622 drug overdoses have been recorded, with the majority or 66% of those deaths linked to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

Especially in Pennsylvania, problem areas are Full of people suffering from opioid addiction, was recorded last month in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.However salon report Much of central Philadelphia has become gentrified and the drug crisis is better than it has been in the past. Focusing only on problem areas of the state does not give an accurate picture.

Unsurprisingly, Conway was ruthlessly dragged out both on and off social media. of media, Newsweek report. Yahoo!news Conway’s comments “The Brazen Marijuana Lies” Has over 3,000 shares and is based in the UK independence wrote that she “I was ridiculed for blaming marijuana overdose deaths.” huff post When AOL News reported that she was “Gaslight for everyone.”

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt left the Republican Party and renounce his membership, murmured On Tuesday, “John Fetterman thought he put it out to protest the disastrous stupidity of the US government to spend $50 billion of taxpayer money on a hypocritical marijuana crusade.” Who’s black?Marijuana and fentanyl are as much to do with each other as Coors.”

“It’s all nonsense,” Schmidt continued. “Cannabis is legal in many states and has never killed anyone. [Kellyanne Conway] He is less trustworthy than Trump and may be the only American who stands as his true companion when it comes to lies. Untrustworthy. ”

Political commentator Cheri Jacobus actually did the math and thought that if you multiply 0 by 2, the number is still 0.

Dr. Jorge Caballero also did the calculations, but they were in line chart form, saying that the model for marijuana overdose looks like a horizontal line at absolutely zero.

“If you look really closely, you can almost see the hypothetical line of marijuana overdose deaths in this chart of US government data for the last 22 years,” Caballero tweeted.

Now Dr. Oz trails Fetterman in the Pennsylvania election campaign, but the poll numbers remain relatively close.

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