Legalization Campaign Kicks Off in Maryland Ahead of November Vote

Legalization Campaign Kicks Off in Maryland Ahead of November Vote

A campaign to bring legal cannabis into Maryland officially launched on Thursday as supporters seek to build support ahead of the initiative’s vote in November.

The measure, which appears on the ballot as “Question 4,” would legalize cannabis possession by adults 21 and older in Maryland and establish a regulated marijuana industry in the state.

The bill must pass by simple majority and, if approved by the voters, will take effect on July 1, 2023.

“Question 4” is endorsed by the cannabis industry heavyweights. according to Washington Post, The campaign “relies on funding from Trulieve, an industry giant with clinics in eight states, including three medical facilities in Maryland.” Newspaper reports Trulieve donated $50,000 to the Question 4 campaign. He has only one other person in the campaign, Blended Public Affairs, who donated $100 to her.

The chairman of the campaign is Eugene Monroe, a former offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens who has become an advocate for cannabis reform since retiring from the NFL.

“While legalizing cannabis will stimulate Maryland’s economy and create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, Maryland residents will have access to education, public health, and education funded by the cannabis tax. We will benefit from this important investment in public safety,” Monroe said in a statement. As quoted by Washington Post.

In a statement regarding “Yes on 4” campaign official site, “By passing Question 4, we will end the failed criminalization of cannabis, create a stock-based and well-regulated legal marijuana market, and empower local entrepreneurs and small businesses,” Monroe said. It will open new doors for entrepreneurs.”

“I hope all Marylanders will vote yes on question 4 this November,” he says.

The campaign said the proposal would “create a fully regulated and legal marketplace for the sale of cannabis that would create tens of thousands of new jobs in Maryland and help hundreds of local small business owners and entrepreneurs.” It may provide new opportunities,” he said. It also said, “Because it will create new small businesses and career paths within the cannabis industry, legalization will provide an economic boost to related industries such as construction, real estate, and transportation that already provide high-paying jobs for many Marylanders. will bring about

The “Yes on 4” campaign also claimed that legalization “is estimated to bring more than $135 million in annual tax revenue to the state,” and that figure includes “city and county revenues, or It does not include millions of dollars in savings from We spend every year enforcing marijuana possession laws. “

Lawmakers in Maryland passed legislation earlier this year that would prepare the state for a referendum by ballot. Under the passed law, Washington Post report On Thursday, “If the referendum passes, the state will need to research the effects of marijuana on public health and what it needs to do to help business markets and women- and minority-owned businesses enter the industry.” We will conduct a inequality study that examines whether

The campaign says the new law will create a cannabis business support fund “to support minority- and women-owned businesses seeking to enter the legal cannabis market.” Those left behind can take their fair share of the economic opportunities created by marijuana legalization. “

The state’s Republican governor, Larry Hogan, did not sign the bill passed earlier this year.

Polls suggest that cannabis advocates could win big in Maryland in November.

In a March survey, 62% of Marylanders said they supported legalizing cannabis for recreational use, while only 34% said they were against it.

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