New Frontier Data Projects 27.7 Million Pounds of Cannabis Cultivated in 2030

New Frontier Data Projects 27.7 Million Pounds of Cannabis Cultivated in 2030

Cannabis data company New Frontier Data release “Growing Excellence: 7 Ways to Optimize Cannabis Cultivation in Newly Legalized Markets” on Sept. 7 highlighted seven key issues new cannabis growers should consider to be successful. I’m here.

“The continued activation of new legal markets will continue to encourage existing cannabis growers to expand their operations and draw new growers into the market.” New Frontier Data CEO Gary Allen said:“By strategic planning based on the seven key factors identified in this report, operators can take advantage of this huge market opportunity.”

In a press release, New Frontier Data predicts that more than 27.7 million pounds of cannabis will be grown in the United States in 2030 (compared to 7 million pounds grown in 2020). These numbers are reflected in total plant growth, including plants grown indoors, greenhouses, or outdoors.

As the legal cannabis availability on the East Coast changes, cultivation trends are also beginning to shift, says the New Frontier Data report. It will impact how cannabis is grown in new markets.” report state“Given either the length and depth of winters in the north, or the humidity of the summers in the south, the different climatic conditions favor controlled environments over outdoor cultivation.”

Between 2022 and 2030, New Frontier data suggests California will continue to produce the most cannabis at £26.4m, followed by Florida at £18.4m, New York at £15.1m and Illinois. The state produces 11.9 million pounds, and many others 10 pounds. less than a million.

The report’s first point suggests a summer-winter temperature difference between the west and east coasts. As a result, most East Coast states will rely on indoor growing facilities, but California remains a leader in both greenhouses and outdoor farms.

New Frontier Data says, among other discussions, that automation will continue to grow, but it will require experienced workers to manage it. The report also examines the pros and cons of building or buying a growing facility now that the established market offers a choice of choices. Demand for certain products has also changed, with flowers still topping the 2021 average data, but other products are becoming more popular. “Value-added products (vapes, edibles, topicals, etc.) now account for half of all legal product sales, and as innovation increases product quality and diversity and allows consumers to integrate, these Consumer interest in our new products is poised for sustained growth, as they incorporate cannabis into their lives in increasingly novel ways.” report state“Demand for flowers is also growing, especially for pre-rolls, but it is growing more slowly than demand for non-flower products.”

We are also seeing changes in resource efficiency, which remains important due to a number of factors. The energy costs of indoor lighting can stress the grid, but new LED technology can help reduce power usage. Similarly, in addition to focusing on water reclamation systems, automatic system watering and manual watering also help conserve water.

Above water theme However, the report notes that climate change poses a threat to many states, especially drought-hit states. “Cannabis growers must consider the impact of a changing climate on their businesses,” the report explains. “Longer, hotter summers add a premium to increased cooling requirements and higher energy demands to keep HVAC systems running at higher levels for longer periods of time. Severe droughts cause water scarcity, increased evaporative water loss, and rising costs of water from municipal or community sources.”

Finally, the report concludes that industry success comes from people adapting to the future. “Producers in new markets may enjoy periods of higher profit margins and less competition, but the most successful operators plan for where the market is going, not where it is today. I am a business operator.”

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