Louisiana Legislators Say They Unknowingly Legalized Hemp Products With THC

Louisiana Legislators Say They Unknowingly Legalized Hemp Products With THC

Louisiana Senators Stewart Kathy and Jay Morris said during a recent Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on April 18 that hemp products with THC were not intended to be legalized. said. “Last session, I unknowingly created his THC market for recreation in Louisiana,” Kathy said at the conference. daily advertiser“It was never the intention of Congress to authorize a statewide flood of the unregulated THC psychotropic drug market.”

Introduced by Cassie Senate Bill 219 The most recent meeting, held on April 10 and held on April 18, was the first time the bill was discussed. SB-219 proposes changing state laws that allow up to 8 mg of THC in hemp products, instead proposing up to 2 mg of THC. “If we legalize [recreational THC]it needs to be done openly and honestly, but it wasn’t done,” Morris explained. ” As of the hearing on April 18, the bill had been approved by the committee and presented to the Senate.

While senators such as Cathey and Morris have worked to amend the state’s current laws, advocates and business owners have spoken out about the detrimental effects of the legislative amendment.

Business owners like Jason Garsee, who owns Str8W8 Cannabis and is also president of the Gulf South Hemp Association, have publicly said that current law changes are only hurting their businesses. “This bill will completely destroy this industry.” Garcy said“This bill you have now is putting people in your town, state and district out of business. It will ruin my investment and my business.”

Similarly, John Ford Lafayette, president of Black Farmers Hemp, shared similar concerns. Lafayette he said“We are trying to grow the industry.” Pippi’s purpose Casey White He said he used his savings to open the store. another business owner, Blaine Jennings, Owner of Virgin Hemp Farmsdescribed the bill as “a direct attack on thousands of business owners in this booming industry.”

Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnayder also recently introduced a bill (House Bill 605) aims to amend current hemp laws, but not as much as Cathey. Schexnayder has introduced four hemp-related bills since federal legalization in 2018.

In March, Schexnayder accused the Louisiana Department of Health of mishandling implementation of the hemp bill. Description of Shex Snyder.

April 10th, Louisiana State Legal Comptroller announced details of the Louisiana Department of Health (DOH) audit. The report, entitled “Supervision of Consumable Hemp Products,” found that 36 of the 2,564 registered consumable hemp products approved by the DOH are “prohibited.” In addition, 198 edible products exceeded the 8mg THC limit, in some cases not complying with state laws.

Louisiana has a successful medical cannabis industry, but recreational cannabis is not currently legal. Cannabis flower sales will begin in January 2022.

Also in January 2022, Louisiana Senator Gary Chambers smoked a blunt weapon in a campaign video talking about the failed drug war and how it affected people of color. “Every 37 seconds someone is arrested for marijuana. Since 2010, state and local police have arrested an estimated 7.3 million Americans for marijuana law violations.” Four times more likely to be arrested States are wasting $3.7 billion each year on marijuana law enforcement Most of the people the police are arresting are small-time people like me, not dealers. He’s the one with the pot.”

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