Massachusetts Pot Sales Reach $152M Last Month, $4.74B Since 2018

Massachusetts Pot Sales Reach $152M Last Month, $4.74B Since 2018

of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Board (CCC) recently released its latest recreational cannabis sales data report. In June, the state collected $132.8 million in recreational marijuana sales (the highest monthly amount so far in 2023) and $19 million in medical marijuana sales. Since adult cannabis sales in the state began in November 2018, adult sales have totaled $4.74 billion.

According to a chart showing the popularity of specific cannabis products, flowers are by far the most common type, with over $2.9 billion in sales since 2018. This is followed by e-cigarette products ($857 million), edible products ($685 million), rolls ($622 million) and concentrates ($367 million).

The report also includes plant cultivation activity and has been updated as of 7 July, but only reflects plant data through April 2023. A total of 3,400 plants had been harvested by that point, and 983 plants had been destroyed (although the reasons for this were not stated).

The state is still considering ways to regulate both cannabis consumption and other substances such as psilocybin. The state’s 2016 vote laid the groundwork for cannabis cafes to legalize cannabis, but regulators have yet to agree on how to proceed with consumption lounges.of in MayMassachusetts regulators have vetoed a pilot program to test social cannabis cafes in 12 communities.

However, some cities, such as Salem, Massachusetts, became the sixth city in the state to abolish arrests for psilocybin possession.advocacy groups such as Natural Medicine Baystars Other towns such as Somerville, Cambridge, Northampton, Easthampton and Amherst are also working to drive this change. Separately, Massachusetts-based Temescal Wellness recently made headlines by becoming the first cannabis company to offer its employees paid vacation on April 20.

Massachusetts’ record sales, along with other states that are similarly successful or are launching their own legal cannabis industries, reflect growing demand for cannabis in the eastern United States. Its southern neighbour, Connecticut, also saw record sales, raising more than $23 million during May. In June, Connecticut also officially launched legal home growing, allowing adults to grow up to six plants at home under state law.

Maryland’s legal cannabis industry recently opened on July 1 and raised over $20 million in its first week. Vermont recently reported sales as high as $6.4 million in February.

Recreational cannabis sales in Maine began in 2020, but the state announced in January that it had raised $158.9 million in 2022. This is almost double the amount collected in 2021. However, more recent reports indicate that more than 1,300 caregivers have left the state. medical cannabis programs since recreational legalization began.

New Hampshire’s legislature recently rejected a marijuana legalization bill (which caused one member of Congress to switch from being a Republican to an independent), but the state recently decided to extend access to medical marijuana to both U.S. citizens and Canadians. extended to outsiders, including Rhode Island is also slowly but surely moving toward the future by officially switching from paper to digital medical cannabis applications. It goes without saying that New York is moving rapidly to open new cannabis dispensaries amid a glut of cannabis flowers.

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