Minnesota Sets Home Limit at 2 Pounds

Minnesota Sets Home Limit at 2 Pounds

A few weeks ago, Minnesota legalized cannabis use for adults while also setting a home use limit of 32 ounces or 2 pounds.

out of 23 states States that have legalized adult cannabis use have limits for personal home use ranging from 1 to 10 ounces, but with the exception of one state, Minnesota, the limit for personal use of cannabis is 32 ounces or 2 pounds. But given that the state limits the number of plants you can grow in your home to four, some say even two pounds isn’t enough.

Minnesota allows adults to possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis at home and does not require a grower’s license, but only allows up to 2 ounces of cannabis in public places once they leave the home. .

Some states, such as California, Washington, and Nevada, allow 1 ounce of cannabis at home. Colorado sets the limit at 2 ounces. Michigan, Rhode Island and Massachusetts allow more 10 oz.

“Most adult use states that allow home-growing do not have explicit limits,” says NORML Political Director Morgan Fox. “And most of them have made it clear that they can keep anything they grow in their homes. There are actually four states besides Minnesota that have restrictions in place. Massachusetts. 10 ounces, Michigan 10 ounces, Oregon 8 ounces, New York 5 pounds.”

“If we were going to set limits, we would limit them to the higher end of the spectrum to avoid potentially criminalizing people who grow their own medicines or grow cannabis for themselves. “I think it’s a good idea to have a . ”

Fox continued, “But whatever the harvest, they don’t want to be arrested if they happen to be even slightly over the limit. And in many of these states, adults use Everything, whether it’s on the street or at home, is subject to property restrictions, in some cases reverting to pre-Prohibition penalties and, in the case of pounds, a felony. I think it’s a really good idea to have the ownership limit as high as possible, or the ownership limit for home grown cannabis as high as possible, if it’s just to avoid re-offending for people who have cannabis at home.”

Lawmakers in Minnesota said they set high limits to simplify the program, allowing those same limits to expand and own.

Senator Lindsay Porte is leading the state Senate version of the adult cannabis bill and supports state personal limits. “We wanted to decriminalize it as much as possible, but we also wanted to make sure we had the ability to control the illegal market,” Port said. Said CBS News affiliate WCCO News. “We wanted you to own as much as you could grow.”

“We looked at other states and found that it’s not really how much you can own that allows the illicit market to continue,” Port said.

Are the limits high enough?

But local business owners in the area predict that 99% of consumers in the state will never need two pounds of cannabis in their homes, and if they do, they will probably sell it illegally. He said he was.

Despite the higher limit, industry insiders say the state’s homegrowing limit of four plants isn’t enough.

The Minnesota Hemp Growers Cooperative wrote: letter to the committee The state’s cannabis law allows individuals to possess up to four mature cannabis plants at one time, which could exceed the personal possession limit of £2.

“With proper growing techniques, four plants can yield well over six pounds of material,” writes Sean Weber, president of the Minnesota Hemp Growers Cooperative. “On what planet would this make sense?”

Paving the way for the adult market in Minnesota

On May 30, Governor Tim Waltz signed the Minnesota Adult Cannabis Act into law, officially making Minnesota the 23rd state to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Waltz said he recognized that prohibition would not work and that he and fellow lawmakers were considering starting an exclusion process for eligible Minnesotans. Waltz also said adults should be allowed to make their own decisions “about these kinds of choices.”

Additionally, the bill legalizes the possession of up to two pounds of cannabis in private residences and restricts home cultivation by adults over the age of 21. Minnesota adults are allowed up to 2 ounces in public. The law allows adults to grow up to eight cannabis plants (including four mature flowering plants) at home.

Starting August 1, it will be legal for adults over the age of 21 to own a car.

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